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it's. -drunkenmaster
« on: April 19, 2000, 10:34:00 AM »

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Author  Topic:   it's. 
Hive Bee   posted 02-17-2000 09:38 PM           
not to be a smartass, but:"7445 Piperonal C8H6O3...use: in perfumery, in CHERRY and vanilla flavors..."- The Merck Index, 11 ed.
i realize this may not be the appropriate forum, again, my apologies, just a clarification of the facts.
Hive Bee   posted 02-17-2000 10:07 PM           
The cherry flavoring that was distributed not to long ago by a certain supplier was reported to be "50% benzaldehyde". Not to be a smartass, but if that is any indication there is some variation in composition and I could only assume your were refering to that source as it was so widely disucssed. Perhaps you could share with us some sources of this flavoring and report back on the compositions.
Hive Bee   posted 02-18-2000 01:40 AM           
i didn't have a particular brand in mind, i was just hoping someone might have some experience in this since i can't find any research on this particular subject (Merck et al say it's there, just not how much), pitter patter let's get at 'er, time to find out for myself, thx for input