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Distill the DCM portion later
« on: September 27, 2002, 08:42:00 PM »
Ya know.. I been thinkin.. After the p-Benz wacker, why not just keep the organic layer separate, collect your dcm, save it for another day where you can add 9 more dcm collections you saved from 9 other wackers, then distill, and recollect a massive amount of your dcm back, and whatever ketone was in there..

The reason why I thought about this was simple. How much ketone do you think you are collecting after the organic layer was removed?? Your going to add a few hundred ml's per scale to collect what? Huh? Don't know? Well, neither do I, however I will soon. Im going to the northern most point on earth to ask this fuckin tree the answer. This is an old tree so maybe it will know. AND NO, it's no a sassafrass tree.

When I find out I'll let everyone know. I just don't think that it is worth adding it to your organic /ketone layer. Im not saying dont collect it! Just that it's not worth distilling at the same time you are going to be distilling mainly ketone. If you barely ever partake in these activities, then distilling all at once would probably be the way you would want to go, but time management is a big deal these days. Who knows how many more days we got!!  

Save up a bunch, store em in your labs fridge, have a party.

Now, with this thinking in mind, would you still have to do the NaOh wash's on the dcm to remove the hydroquinone?

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I agree 100%, knocking out the bottom layer is ...
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2002, 09:21:00 PM »
I agree 100%, knocking out the bottom layer is always easier when products on top.

If an excess of hcl is used when getting initial layers to separate, I would think the majority of the ketone would be collected in the organic layer. Always allowing a good hour for separation with occasional swirls of the sep seems to collect as much as your gonna get.

I think this will save ample amounts of time when trying to distill numerous wackers. Since the tree I know is pretty systamatic when working, he can just divide the amount of wackers he did by the amount collected  from the distilled DCM to get an estimate of how much he's actually getting. It would be funny if you only got back 10ml's from 10 wackers!! I'd have to question wether or not it's worth the extra work...  

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