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--- Quote from: Vibe_x5 on August 24, 2015, 12:22:50 PM ---I understand the rules about not posting sources but how could us newbees come across legit sources without being flamed ? I've tried for weeks to find legit sources for feedstock and still scratching my head.

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think where you can get a lot of different goods from different vendors (this is pretty vague mods) maybe legally and maybe illegally but thats a huge hint

Um, well, Vibe...the answer is that stuff has become much harder to acquire in recent years.  In the "old days" we just searched for it and found it but simply, it's harder now.  One suggestion I would give you is searching for the product you desire along with the search terms "MSDS".  Generally even list 1 chemicals like nitroethane can be found in combination with other chemicals which are often easily separated.

Past that, learning is hard work.  I can't even begin to tell you how many countless hours I have spent looking for restricted or just hard to acquire chemicals.


Ahhh, yeh finally decided to join us, gnostikos.

By feedstock what do you mean. Presumably pseudo?

A thought on sources.......
when Db first considered clandestine chemistry, sourcing feedstock was as simple as a trip to the local mega mart. As times have changed so have the sourcing methodologies as Moriarty eludes to.
IMHO if one cultivates relationships with like minded individuals the answers become apparent when one understands their thought processes.

And swim is now back on a diet thanks to m_e's chocolate ref. ;)



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