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***MDMA alternative routes***
« on: March 25, 2000, 12:30:00 PM »
I want for everyone with the required education to put their heads together to formulate an alternative route to MDMA. Pepper, while possible to the ones with the patience and the full lab, is not a practical alternative. The DEA threw a heavy blow when they started calling customers buying oils containing safrole for a valid reason(including me). I hope that this blow will fuel our collective efforts to liberate this drug forever. So if you will, please, think-- and let's put together our thoughts on alternative methods. 


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Re: ***MDMA alternative routes***
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2000, 01:20:00 PM »
yeah, it is scary. you would think they have rules and such, but they interpret gray areas in their law to their advantage. there is no way to avoid companies cooperating with the DEA because they are haphazardly picking suppliers. And you would think camphor is safer than sassy. What a myth. It may be true to an extent but the fact is the DEA isn't so ignorant as many of us hope them to be. They are carefully watching other safrole containing products, not just sassy. I know many who have gotten arrested because they've underestimated the DEA. A friend assumed camphor to be safer, and never expected a visit from the cops with a search warrant. The cause was the ordering of yellow camphor as he did NOT sell, nor live remotely close to anyone else. Although the DEA does not have the resources to trace everyone that orders safrole containing oils, thier recent haphazard tactics places anyone that orders these products in a lottery in which they wish they weren't in. The prize for being unlucky is your loss for freedom. If this discourages you from cooking, let it be. The only ways (2) to making our "hobby" safer is to find a precursor that is available OTC (HIGHLY UNLIKELY unless one of you geniuses does it) or to develop a plethora of alternative precursors to start with so the DEA can't keep track (still somewhat unlikely). Otherwise the majority will continue to gamble their freedom while some of the more intelligent bees stays on top of the cat and mouse game by formulating a new method that will fail in a matter of time(DEA watching one thing and the Bee moving to another as the latter gets 'hot' and the cycle happening again in the future)

Nonetheless Blanka: you are right, we are at a point where we must develop a alternative to safrole as the precursor to MDP2P in order to temporarily stay ahead of the game. The DEA will catch up though in a matter of time, and we shall have this discussion again.

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Re: ***MDMA alternative routes***
« Reply #2 on: March 27, 2000, 12:47:00 AM »
Dear kakapoopoo, would you *please* be good enough to name the oil sellers whose sales produced these busts!! That's how it works around here---you ID those dangerous ones so that no one else falls into the trap. It sounds like you know of more than one instance of a yellow camphor purchase resulting in trouble, and as far as I know this would be quite a new trend, so it is highly incumbent upon you to share the info (regarding who NOT to buy from) with the rest of the folks here. If you really have info about patterns or "haphazard tactics" it would be very good of you to share what you know instead of just dropping generically scary-sounding warnings. To my knowledge, up to now (and still?) yellow camphor has been regarded as relatively okay (unwatched) to purchase.

And I still fail to see how a search warrant can be gotten solely because a person buys a totally legal product being sold openly on the web! If a person did want to buy it to make scented candles, let's say, they can be raided? How then can the merchant in any conscience be selling it to people?