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Chem Dictionary
« on: July 05, 2000, 08:36:00 AM »
Things in the Serious Chemistry forum seem to stay in view longer.
So what the hell, Here is LaBTop's original post.
Feel Free to post new links here as well.

General Chemistry Facts
This will keep the hardcore, fanatic newbees and oldbees at least a few weeks off the streets, I hope.
So they want to take away our KNOWLEDGE?
Idiots, here is your KNOWLEDGE:

This will hopefully enormously boost the overall knowledge from The Hive, so try to read as much as you can, you quacks, my dear students.   

The first one is to get a taste of that old, younger days, ever wondering, feeling back:

About Rainbows

Solar and lunar rainbow formation. From Beverly Lynds, Unidata Program Center.

Advanced Chemical Topics

Information on chemical reactions, formulas, and basic concepts from Gwen Sibert, Roanoke Valley Governor's School.

Atomic Orbitals

David Manthey’s static and MPEG models of electron orbitals.


Atoms, equations, and organic chemistry lessons, as well as biology and classical music materials.

Band Theory

Molecular orbitals of materials. From Steve Kornic, University of Guelph.

Betha Chemistry Tutorial

Balancing equations, gas laws, quantum mechanics. From Ohio State University.

Bio- and Chemiluminescence (special interest)

Bio-, chemi-, and other luminescent phenomena.

Biology 4

Topics include atomic bonding and enzymology. From Brooklyn College, City University of New York.

Buffers for pH Control

Java applet generating recipes for defined buffers. From Rob Beynon, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology.

Caduceus MCAT Online

Explanations of questions in general chemistry and organic chemistry. From Scientia Incorporated.


General chemistry online textbook and experiments.

Chem101 Online

General chemistry, organic chemistry, electrochemistry, thermodynamics, and more. From Ryan Pearman.


Lectures for introductory chemistry course taught by Michael Chan, Ohio State University.

Chem 299

Series of lecture notes for general chemistry class. Also, see the Honors class notes for biochemistry, electrochemistry, and physical chemistry. From University of Idaho.

Chemical Context of Life

Introduction to chemistry for biology majors. From Pima Community College.

Chemical Demonstrations

List of available audiovisuals and other materials that help explain chemical reactions. From Brigham Young University.

Chemical Education

Chemistry help for general, organic, and inorganic chemistry. From Purdue University.

Chemical Redox Reactions

Lecture notes from John Bullivant, Sydney University.

Chemical Sciences

Series of lectures spanning many topics in chemistry. From James A. Plambeck, Virtual University North.


Chemical Information Sources and Services Lecture Notes.

Chemistry 1000

Introductory chemistry course with answers to assignments. From Marc Roussel, University of Lethbridge.

Chemistry 1201

General chemistry notes From Patrick A. Limbach, Louisiana State University. See Chemistry 2001

for Analysis, Equilibria, Chromatography, Electrochemistry, and Spectroscopy.

Chemistry 2000

Intermediate chemistry and thermodynamics course with answers to assignments. From Marc Roussel, University of Lethbridge.

Chemistry and the World Around Us

Lectures in materials chemistry. From Donald R. Sadoway, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Chemistry Fundamentals Program

Basic to advanced lesson reviews. From the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Chemistry GSCE

Basics of pH, organic and inorganic chemistry, chromatography, and catalysis for biology students. From Nigel D. Purchon.

Chemistry in the Modern World

Introductory lab exercises from California State University at Stanislaus. Also, see the tutorials

in spectral analysis and titration.

Chemistry in the World

Introductory chemistry course includes quantitation, naming compounds, and chemical reactions. From Clarke Earley, Kent State University at Stark.

Chemistry Learning Center

General chemistry tutorials, exercises, and reviews. From Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Chemistry Place

Tutorials and reviews. Requires paid subscription.

Chemistry Tutorial

Basic concepts relevant to biology from the University of Arizona.

Chemistry Tutoring Center

Explanation of atomic structures, balancing equations, organic and inorganic reactions, and stereochemistry. From Liina Ladon, Towson University.


Lessons and applets from William J. Vining Hartwick College and the University of Massachusetts.


Online elementary chemistry text. Includes a section on proper study habits.

Chem Web Online

Introductory basics: atomic structure, chemical formulas, gas laws, etc.

Computational Molecular Nanotechnology

Atomic scale manipulation of matter in computing and space flight. From the Numerical Aerospace Simulation Facility at NASA Ames Research Center.

Computer-Aided Learning Tutorials

Includes inorganic and physical chemistry. From University College Cork.

Computer-Assisted Learning in Chemistry

Modules range from introductory (atoms and molecules) to advanced (reaction mechanisms) levels. From Leigh Oldfield.

Concept of the Week

Itemized treatment of the basics. From Pennsylvania State University at York.

Death Test Site

Preparation for exams in acid and base chemistry and equilibrium. From Samuel S. Stake and Benjamin H. Jackson.

Digital Text Materials

Detailed general chemistry text chapters from Professor Stephen Lower of Simon Fraser University. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Brief outline of each element's history and chemistry. From the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Environmental Chemistry

Lessons also include biochemistry and general chemistry material. From Henry Bungay, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Erik's Chemistry

Advanced placement and organic chemistry notes. From Erik Epp, University of Michigan.

Exams Institute

Produces high school and college chemistry examinations. From Clemson University, home of the American Chemical Society Division of Chemical Education's Examinations Institute.

Fall of the Electron

Understanding the directionality of oxidation-reduction reactions. Also see Fall of the Proton.

From Stephen K. Lower, Simon Fraser University.

Frank Virzi's Chemistry Self-Tests

Multiple choice questions with their answers.

From Caveman to Chemist

A technological march from fire and stone tools to plastics and semiconductors.

Fullerene Science Module

Background and applications of buckminsterfullerene. From John R. Bleeke and Regina F. Frey, Washington University.

Fundamentals of Chemistry

Introductory chemistry lecture notes by Scott Van Bramer, Widener University. Also see associated problem sets.

General Chemistry

Lecture notes and answered tests from Chris Parr, University of Texas at Dallas. Also, see the related Introduction to Chemistry.

General Chemistry I

Lecture notes concerning atoms and bonding properties. From Michael Blaber, Florida State University.

General Chemistry ConcepTests

Challenging Q & A from the University of Wisconsin.

General Chemistry Concepts

Helpful introductory material from scientific notation to molecular structure. From Ralph H. Logan, Dallas County Community College. Also, see Frequently Asked Questions.

General Chemistry Home Companion

Lecture and demonstration outlines for teachers.

General Chemistry Lecture Notes

Introductory material from Philip J. Grandinetti, Ohio State University.

General, Organic, and Biochemistry

Lecture slides with brief summations.

Hyperactive Molecules

Molecules that rotate, with audio and video clips. From Imperial College, University of London.

Ideal Gas Law

Java applet illustrating behavior of gases under pressure. From the University of Oregon.

Index to Chemical Education Resources

Available books (and some reviews) listed by the Journal of Chemical Education.

Internet for Chemists

A tour of Internet architecture and chemistry resources. From Vidyadhar Ranade, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule, Zürich.

Just Ask Antoine!

Answers to chemistry questions posed by students.

Learning Matters of Chemistry

A reliable source for computer animations and computer-aided instruction.

Life, the Universe, and the Electron

An appreciation of the centenary of the electron's discovery.

Mark's Chemistry Tutor

Topics necessary for understanding general chemistry.

Math Resources for General Chemistry

From Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Microscale Gas Chemistry

Generation of gases for laboratory demonstrations. From Bruce Mattson, Creighton University.

MIT Biology Hypertextbook
Background to chemistry and biochemistry. From the Experimental Study Group, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Mole and Atomic Theory

Lecture notes from John Bullivant, Sydney University.

Molecular Modeling

Lewis structure, Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion Theory. From Brenda Wojciechowski and Paul Cerpovicz, Georgia Southern University.

Molecular Model Rendering Techniques

Explores representations of atoms, molecules, surfaces, crystals, etc.

Molecular Models

Bonds, bonding angles, and molecular shapes. From Anna Cavinato and David Camp, Eastern Oregon University.

Molecule of the Month

Some visualizations require Chime, Java, or VRML capability. From Paul May, University of Bristol.

Molecules of the Month

Multimedia presentations from Karl Harrison, Oxford University.

Molecules of the Month

Computer representations from Henry Rzepa (Imperial College) and Paul May (Bristol University).

Nanotechnology Gallery

Graphics depicting uses of atomic scale machines. From the Integrated Product Team on Devices and Nanotechnology, NASA Ames Research Center.

Natural Sciences Pages

From atoms and molecules to cells and solar systems. From Anthony Carpi, John Jay College of the City University of New York.

Nature of Physical Science

Online course progresses from history of scientific ideas to laboratory work. From Richard C. Brill, Honolulu Community College.

New Solvent: Supercritical Fluid

Reactions of plastic waste with supercritical water. From Kobe Steel, Ltd.

Nuclear Data Dissemination

Information on atomic masses, decay, fission, nuclear structure. From Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Lunds Universitet.

Online Chemistry Resource Center

Includes activity series of metals, rules for solubilities of ionic compounds, rules for assigning oxidation numbers. From the British Columbia Institute of Technology.


Concepts needed to understand electron transfer reactions. From Kapiolani Community College.

Particle Adventure

Required reading for understanding the Standard Model.

Periodic Table - Not Just A Work Of Art!

The periodic table and the reactivity of metals. From Mary E. R. McHale, Rice University.

pH in Plain Language

Acid and base measurements and functions of a pH meter. From the Phoenix Electrode Company.

Polarity of Molecules Tutorial

Rules used for distinguishing polar from non-polar molecules. From Louisiana State University.

Practical Chemistry and Physics

Tutorials on electrochemistry, pH, and organic reactions from a chemical engineer.

Primer on Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins

Including general chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, spectroscopy, and analytical chemistry. From Pasquale Petrilli, Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II."

Principles in Chemistry

CH301 and CH302 lecture notes from University of Texas at Austin.

Principles of Chemistry

Introductory chemistry, chemical thermodynamics, and transition metal chemistry. From Bemidji State University, Itasca Community College, and Rainy River Community College.

Principles of Modern Chemistry

Syllabus and class notes. From National University of Singapore.


Sound introduction from a chemical engineering student.

Regents Chemistry Lecture Notes

Brief, fundamental concepts found in general chemistry.

Relative Concentrations of Complex Species

Calculation of common ion equilibrium problems. From Stephen Bialkowski, Utah State University.

sci.chem FAQ

HTML version of queries to the Usenet discussion group. The Internet FAQ Consortium :

provides a searchable entry to these sci.chem FAQs.

Science of Particle Physics

Fermilab's introduction to the Standard Model.

Scuba Physics ( A hobby of mine)

Gas Laws tutorial from the perspective of the scuba diver.

Sheffield ChemPuter

Calculators determine element percentages, isotope patterns, and more.

SMILES Tutorial

Fundamentals of Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry Specification.

STEP PreChemistry

Introductory principles. From Jim Hollister, University of California at Davis.

Structure, Kinetics, and Equilibrium

Lecture notes and problem sets from Brown University.

Tanner's Topics

Explanations in general chemistry, electrochemistry, and physical chemistry from Tanner McCarron.

Titration Simulator (Pay ATTENTION!)

Java applet illustrating acid-base titrations. From Yue-Ling Wong.

Topic Oriented Approach Development

Chemistry taught through real world topics. From the University of Wisconsin.

Tutorials, Drills, and Quizzes for General Chemistry

Complete lecture notes for teachers and students.

Uncertainty in Measurements

Online tutorial explaining significant figures.

Usenet Chem FAQs

Sci.chem: how to use this newsgroup, and some information that is available on it.

Van der Waals Forces and Hydrogen Bonds

Material from Grover A. Swartzlander, Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Virtual Chemistry Lab

Experiments and explanations of the chemical reactions involved in biochemistry, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and spectroscopy. From David W. Clarke, Albany College of Pharmacy.

Virtual Classroom

Slides and syllabi used in undergraduate and graduate level chemistry courses. Topics include biochemistry, analytical, general, and organic chemistry. From University of Akron.

Visualization and Problem Solving for General Chemistry

States of matter, solving thermodynamics problems, and molecular modeling using Chime and HyperChem. From William R. Robinson and John J. Nash, Purdue University.

Welcome to Chemistry

Atoms and their properties. From St. Edward’s University, Austin, Texas.

What is pH? (Pay Attention)

Concise presentation provided by Innovative Sensors, Inc.

Wintergreen Candy and Other Triboluminescent Materials (Hobby of mine)

Luminescent phenomena and explanations. From Linda M. Sweeting, Towson University.

Wonderful World of Atoms and Nuclei

Superheavy atom production from the Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung, Darmstadt, Germany.

World Chemistry

Chemistry courses, definitions, Java applets, and molecules. From the Leipzig International School, Germany.

World of Carbon

Properties, bonding characteristics, allotropes, applications. From Arizona State University.

World of Materials

Metals, semiconductors, ceramics, and others. From MIT.

I hope
you will all enjoy this treasure, and take good care of the knowledge you will accumulate.
Only so little text, but so much knowledge, all given by THE GLOBAL INTERNET. LT/

Much more interesting coming, stay tuned!



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Re: Chem Dictionary
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Here's the link to the much longer original thread on the old board.  There's about once again as many links as in the reposted initial post of LaBTop above (by Xochipilli)

Post 123835 (missing)

(LaBTop: "All the Chemistry links you may need. LT/", Newbee Forum)


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Re: Chem Dictionary
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If there are any broken links here, PM me and I'll try to take care of it.

The best of the rest:
Moderator     posted 02-13-2000 06:41 AM          
The Online Merck chemicals catalog, beware, it's much deeper then you think at first glance:

Merck Chemicals and Laboratory Supplies

Online catalog of special and fine chemicals from Merck, Germany. Searchable by name, CAS number, or chemical formula.

Example search:


First click on the main Merck page:
Search Keywords / Shortcuts
and you come at an index page, at the top the alfabet and the numbers 0 to 9. Under them rolls off the product list, starting with A.
You click the letter C . Another list comes up.
Now you proceed in the list to:

D(-)-Camphor and click:

SHOW PRODUCT GROUP MEMBERS in front of: D(-)-Camphor , and:

102166 (+)-Camphor refined powder DAB,BP 88,USP
109656 D-Camphor reference substance for gas chromatography comes up.

click 109656 and you come here:

109656 D-Camphor reference substance for gas chromatography
CLICK here for Structural formula
Formula Hill:C10H16O
Categories of danger: highly flammable, irritant
Hazard signs: F Xi

Molar mass: 152.24 g/mol
Density: 0.99 g/cm3 (20 °C)
CAS number: 464-49-3
EINECS: 207-355-2
HS Code: 2914 21 00
Storage class (VCI): 4.1 B (Flammable solid materials (EC method A10))
Packing-category: A
WGK: 1 (Slightly water polluting substance)
Disposal: 3
Poison class CH: 3 (Strong toxins)
R Phrase: R 11-36/37/38

Group-ID Item is an element of the Group:
Show Product-Family Members D(-)-Camphor
Show Product-Group Members Reference substances for gas chromatography
Show Key-Word Members Reference substances Miscellaneous; The reference substances are packed in screw-top glass bottles. An actual batch chromatogram is included in each package.

Then you get the above extensive property sheet, where you can click numerous other indicator tabs.

Other Chemical Catalogs Online:

Eastman Products

Chemicals, fibers, and plastics from Eastman Chemical Company.

Fisher Chemical Catalog;$sessionid$DD211UAAACBRKCWIZABAAAA?catalogParamId=842226&catalogParamType=CT&catalogParamView=norm&catalogPa ramBrowsingPath=839806:R:All+Catalogs
Liquids, drys, organics, inorganics, solvents, acids, standards, buffers, diagnostics, and stains for laboratory applications.

MetaXchem Chemicals

From, search chemicals or compounds from 12 suppliers and other online databases. See also the introduction:

to this metasearch engine.

Ozone Applications

From OZOTECH, INC., applications of ozone and basic explanation on how and why it might be used.

Shell Chemicals\WEB\GlobChem.NSF/ChemicalNames?OpenView&Count=200

Aromatics, glycols, olefins and derivatives, phenols, solvents, polystyrene, PET, propylene oxide, urethane chemicals, additives, polymers, elastomers, polybutylene, resins. Shell also provides online literature:\WEB\GlobChem.NSF/LitChemName?OpenView&Count=200

about their products.

Sigma-Aldrich Fine Chemicals

Search by product name, CAS number, or full text in the database of the largest provider of research chemicals in the world. Free registration required for pricing information.

Synthetic Organic Chemicals, United States Production and Sales, 1994

Report of the U.S. International Trade Commission on production and sales of chemicals and the raw materials from which they are made. Good source of manufacturers and suppliers. ASCII format, 250 kB.

VWR Chemical Catalog

Alphabetical catalog of chemicals from different suppliers. A Search Form is also available.

Digging around in these catalogs can be from an enormous educational value, on your road to freedom of mind and body.
Use it wisely. LT/


Moderator     posted 02-13-2000 08:56 AM          
Forgot a few catalogs:

Chemicals and Raw Materials

Acros Organics;$sessionid$DD211UAAACBRKCWIZABAAAA?catalogParamId=942471&catalogParamType=AT&catalogParamView=norm&catalogPa ramBrowsingPath=839806:R:All+Catalogs
Product information for more than 15,000 fine chemicals, including catalysts, chiral compounds, deuterated solvents, and organometallic reagents. Searchable by product name, molecular formula, CAS registry number, or product catalog number.

BASF Industrial Chemicals

Plasticizers and plasticizer raw materials, solvents, glues and resins.

BASF Product Index

Search by product names, international terminologies, trivial names, and field-dependent terms related to a product.

Buyer's Guide Inorganic Chemicals

From Chemical Online, listings and company profiles of manufacturers and suppliers of inorganic chemicals. There are similar listings for Organic Chemicals:

and for Catalysts And Process Chemicals:

ChemConnect Chemical Suppliers

Directory that can be searched for specific companies, suppliers of a specific chemical product, or companies that provide custom manufacturing services.

Chemcyclopedia '99

Electronic edition of the supplement to Chemical & Engineering News which lists commercially available chemicals. Includes available grades and forms, packaging and containers, applications and end uses, and special handling requirements.

Chemical Supplier Directory

Searchable directory of over 500 chemical suppliers.

Chemical Week Buyer's Guide

Searchable database of companies, products, and tradenames. Note that you need to register:

to get a password.

Coal, Coke, and Related Chemical Products

Report of the U.S. International Trade Commission with information regarding product uses, U.S. and foreign producers, and U.S. and foreign markets. Published 1996, Adobe PDF format, 200 kB.

Crescent Chemicals

US distributor of analytical reference standards, Karl Fischer reagents and titrators, biochemicals, electrophoresis consumables and instruments, and fine organic and inorganic chemicals.

Current Price Indications

From AllChem Industries, price indications for bulk chemicals based upon recent transactions.

Dow Caustic Soda Products


Information, applications, physical properties, sales specification sheets, and material safety data sheets.

Dow Heat Transfer Fluids


Synthetic organic fluids, silicone fluids, glycol-based fluids. Search by name, application, or industry.

That's it. LT/

Has the most complete collection of online US patents I've seen (all of them!). (Thanks to Ymir).

More patents:

(use two underscores: __ ,at the end of a patentnr, or it will stuck)

The (German) patents go back to 1921 at least. The database covers Europe....and US Pat's at least back to the '40s! (Thanks to Epikur).

Chemicals finder.


Moderator     posted 02-16-2000 07:17 PM          














Moderator     posted 02-16-2000 07:31 PM          

Download the vivoplay software (

), and watch the vivos. And you'll see some good information on setting up glassware and performing various techniques. (Thanks to Chromic).


Dick Fitzbetter
Member     posted 02-16-2000 11:14 PM          
Woah, serious chemical information overload:

Classic organic rxn list, w/pics & journal refs for each:

Medline/Bilstein Netfire search engines:

Learn the shocking truth about the world's deadliest solvent:

And just because:

Moderator     posted 02-18-2000 04:18 AM          

Yahoo-search chemistry sites

Multilingual chemistry dictionaries online

JCE Software CD-ROM and Video Issues

Study Guides International

Beilstein OnLine Login +

Beilstein Abstracts Browsing +

Beilstein Abstracts Searching +

Beilstein Abstracts + = Beilstein

VTC Online University with quicktime video's

WWWolfe CHM1046L Laboratory Links

Welcome to PubMed

UIC Science Library


Info Sources (printer drivers, cdrom drivers, modem drivers, sound drivers, mouse drivers, monitor drivers, etc.)

Windows 95/98 Software

The Explosives and Weapons Forum - (powered by the Ultimate Bulletin Board).
This one to protect yourself against all those idiots out there, pay attention to non deadly homemade weaponry.

WWW Psychedelic Bibliography Instructions +

WWW Psychedelic Bibliography

Organic reactions

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library Chemistry

ChemFinder Searching

Martindale's Chemistry

Hive l i n k s

Internet Drug Resources

Laboratory Equipment Online


Hey_man Links +

Hey_man Home


Sooner or later we'll be dancing with ourselves.