Author Topic: DIPT from Trypramine and acetone via nacnbh3  (Read 4679 times)

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DIPT from Trypramine and acetone via nacnbh3
« on: August 25, 2001, 05:56:00 AM »
Howdy folks it's Calamus here again to report another interesting finding.  Upon subustuitiing equi molar amounts of tryptamine and acetone via the same conditions as "the starch in your socks method" from TSII (a.k.a THE BIBLE), SWHINM found that an interesting mixture of dipt,n-IPT and lame assss tryptamine were evolved in the initinal work up. I heard this mixture was eluted through a CL3H,CH3OH silica eluteed gel colum. Calamus knows that not every one is a prissy ass egg headwith accss and facalites to do this are far from available to the other BEE'S. Calamus loves tryptamine analogs and belives that this is one aera that is lacking in our information data base. Fellow scholars we must explorer{ Yeah that means even you w/ the GED}, and need to try this with subustutied ketones and rember to reflux  the reaction under nitrogen,because kentetics does matter.  Please feel free to comment and inform me of any further results. ;D