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New user arbitrary post =)
« on: June 16, 2015, 02:50:16 AM »
There are many ways society can go about promoting and increasing harm reduction.. A good starting point would be decriminalization, and rescheduling. The amount of resources that are spent to perpetuate the drug war is staggering, and has unintended consequences that are felt by users and non users alike. Everything that is squandered on the government's efforts to stigmatize and incarcerate drug users could be spent on practical means to really reduce harm. Needle exchanges, education, quant/qual testing labs, vending machines with naloxone/needles (for free) in target areas, counseling and rehabilitative services would all be much more effective than current policy. By treating use and abuse like a social issue instead of criminal we could help keep families together, instead of having members removed from their loved ones. I believe that to be very important to increase the stability of families and by extension reduce the likelihood that a child would grow up to abuse drugs.

I could go on and on. The effects of the drug war and the benefits of real harm reduction is an enormous topic that is difficult to really expand on without digging up resources, and churning out a dozen focused pages.. I just smoked a bowl and ate a huge meal, so I apologize for how brief and jumbled the post is.. A cursory glance at this sub-forum gives me the impression that most new users did not RTFM. A brother from another mother had moderated a forum with a very large user base, and he understand that one should RTFM, search, and make his best effort to follow the customs when he is somewhere new.. Thanks for having me.