Author Topic: Need Help on building a Gakk archive  (Read 1501 times)

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Need Help on building a Gakk archive
« on: March 16, 2004, 10:08:00 PM »


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Its all over this site
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2004, 04:14:00 AM »
You just gotta work to find it.  Then, if you still feel that it should bee in the format you describe.  By all means, have at it.  My guess is that by the time you have learned what you need to know it will no longer bee so important to you.


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« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2004, 12:20:00 PM »
eh, the pills SWIM gets are easy to extract, and has very limited experience with the other gaks, he would be willing to put alll his knowledge into it.  I though this would just be something nice to put on, but if no one is interested, fuck it.


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How about an index?
« Reply #3 on: March 17, 2004, 04:35:00 PM »
There are some bees who tried such a thing at another site one time. It proved more difficult than expected, and was never finished because solutions were found that worked for a time, obviating the need for the information. The troublesome gakks are usually new ones, unfamiliar, not well idenitified, or a combination of several that have a new blocking or binding effect by virtue of a combination or a change in the way the materials are combined, formulated, or used. Some formulations have a set of ingredients which identify them, like the ones Wareami identified in his dry martrix formula posts. Others combine a one two punch designed to foil certian types of extractions.  We've dealt with all manner of new combinations, and with new tweaks on old forumlas. WE have met and dealt with new gakks, and are dealing with an new class of gakks now.

We read, we study, we experiment, we learn. We adapt and keep the pressure up like water trying to get past a dam. We look for any weakness to exploit. I have had a long  term love-hate relationship with 120 time release pills. I have had that relatioship because over a number of years they have been the most readily available pill I could obtain. I usually work up to a sixty percent or so yield, and something new is done with the pills.

Each technique and modification worked for a time, then fell victim to some modification of the ingredients or the way they were formulated. I recall extracting with alcohol, and giving it up for the waterless a/b approach; including solvent boils with the waterless a/b; changing the way the base was mobilized in the waterless a/b; adding post-extraction cleaning steps to the method; incorporating TCE into the method; changing the order in which the solvents were boiled; changing how the solvent was washed, adding another recyrstallization to the method, extracting and using the freebase form; cleaning the extracted freebase form, doubling the base, reducing the base, giving up and using white 60's again, attempting steam extraction methods, doing very watery extractions, doing tetra traps, doing modified tetra traps, adding post extraction cleaning steps, using NaOH washes followed by water washes of the solvent, gassing rather than titrating, and a number of other tricks and workaround that don't even come to mind anymore. 

The point is that the art is constantly evolving. We have to adapt to the otc  environment,or take other routes. Today a bee sent a pm about his results working with an new wrinkle or two to the a/b extraction of the 120's that
he claims very convincingly beats methacrylates. I urged him to test it a few times more and write it up. Its coming soon, I expect. And I expect it will work well for a while, work with some modifications for a while, work with another trick or two for a while, then not work at all.

If things did not change, we would still be doing water based extractions of white 60's quite successfully. We aren't. Changes came, and will come again. I guarantee it.
When you get really tired of jacking with pseudo pills, you will probably start considering other routes the same molecule. Until you tire of this game, you will keep on working on pills. If you are like Wareami, or me, or Dwarfer or Videoeditor, or Scottydog or aghreich or twenty others addicted to being foilant foilers, the extraction process itself becomes a game, a pursuit, a hobby, or an obsession.

Feel free to contribute to the Hive's collective knowledge base by putting together an index of additives and posts about them. I recall setting out to do that very thing about the time Placebo discovered turpentine substitute. I think the success of the full turps cure made me abandon interest in the project. Since then my efforts at the art of extracting pseudo from OTC pills have been directed to pill types which I can obtain with a good degree of regularity and quantity, as it does me no good to know how to extract from pills I can't buy enough of to count.

Gakk technology is not static; is continues and gets better. We of necessity have to react to new gakks, because we do not control the timing or selection of pills in which they appear. We continue the quest for the holy grail of the tweaker cooks becasue That's What We Do.

Welcome to the club, my friend.