Author Topic: Substance Warning: 2-Methyl-AP-237. Numerous intoxications and hospitalizations  (Read 22561 times)

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Java it is a remarkable coincidence that I was just in the process of posting a thread regarding a different class of compounds:

These so called “Nitazenes”.  I have a feeling they will become more prevalent on the market in the next couple of years.  Any ideas on preemptive measures that could be supported to keep people safe?  A company called BTNX makes simple (though expensive) test strips that will detect fentanyl in street samples (and urine),  but this is a whole different class of compounds.

Not trying to hijack your thread.
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I was just discussing the chemical structure of 2-methyl-ap237 and it's parent compound ap-237 in a thread in another section of the forum:

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I have learned many new anal masterbation techniques thanks to you

The comment coupled with your profile pic gave me the best laugh I have had today.

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i had this a few times by now, standard dose is around 40mg without opioid tolerance, very light and short duration. after 4 consecutive redoses the body doesnt like it anymore. its a really shitty and weak opioid but its really hard to get into dangerous situations with it.