Author Topic: One of the Best Harm Reduction Guides I've Ever Read  (Read 15397 times)

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One of the Best Harm Reduction Guides I've Ever Read
« on: February 01, 2022, 05:30:38 PM »
I wanted to share with this community a hard reduction guide book I came across in my various searching. It's written in Canada and is more directly to their country and how their operate their much better harm reduction programs than we do, but it still covers the following:

    Safer Injecting
    Safer Injecting Supplies
    Safer Injecting Practices
    Needles & Syringes
    Sterile Water
    Alcohol Swabs
    Vitamin C
    BZK Wipes

      Safer Injecting - How To
      Cocaine & Crack Cocaine
      Crystal Meth
      Prescription Opioids

        Safer Swallowing & Snorting
        Swallowing or Ingesting Drugs
        Snorting Drugs

          Safer Inhaling
          Safer Smoking Supplies
          Straight Stems
          Brass Screens
          Bowl Pipes
          Push Sticks

            Safer Smoking - How To?
            Crack & Straight Stem
            Crack & Foil
            Crystal Meth & Bowl Pipe
            Fentanyl & Foil

              Opioid Overdose
              Stimulant Overdose

                Disposal of Used Harm Reduction Supplies
                Why Harm Reduction
                Supplies Can Change
                Risks Associated with Using Alternate Items for Injecting/Smoking Drugs
                Use of Harm Reduction Supplies for Non-Intended Purposes
                Gathering Feedback from Clients About Harm Reduction Supplies
                Sample Scripts
                Useful Links

                The name of the document is Connecting - A Guide to Using Harm Reduction Supplies as Engagement Tools and I have it uploaded on my Mega drive for those who would like to check it out. I think it's a great resource and encourage you to share it with friends new to the scene.

                So, I hope this guide is helpful for those who need it! Stay safe and test everything you buy with reagents and fentanyl test strips!

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