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Tiny write up and big ambitions
« on: May 17, 2023, 01:09:53 PM »

Newbee here, I've been lurking for a while and I'm eager as ever to learn more about chemistry and drug synthesis!

Something to keep in mind though is the possible harm that might get cooked up in my kitchen. The possibility of harm can surely be reduced by excercising caution and with better knowledge and equipment.
I believe that the most harm that can come from drugs is from resellers. There is hardly any way to test the legitimity of whatever you wish to buy (at least where i live, it's hard to find even a testkit for THC), As such it's far more safer to use homegrown ingredients and otc ingredients (of which there are very sparse options for too). I've personally yet to have a negative experience with drugs, but I'll gladly let it stay that way as long as possible. The idea of not being reliant on a reseller of amph & whatever similar looking shit the guy mixes in is intriguing, and as such I'd like to entertain every possible route to become self-reliant on my drug habits.

I'm totally delighted to get to discuss the forementioned topics and much more with novices (such as myself :-[) and veteran bees alike! I hope to someday be able to guide someone such as myself to the start of their journey to self-reliance – Long live the hive!

best regards,

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Re: Tiny write up and big ambitions
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2023, 01:18:05 PM »
Hi, bee welcome.
End of the road. Nothing to do, no hope of things getting better.
Sounds like Saturday night at my house.

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Re: Tiny write up and big ambitions
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2023, 05:15:42 PM »
Many places have drug checking resources and there are always groups like
quisieron enterrarnos, sin saber que eramos semilla

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Re: Tiny write up and big ambitions
« Reply #3 on: July 07, 2023, 12:29:56 AM »
Hey bees! Im extremely happy right now and would like to share my now-finished project (alt for Samppa0920):


1.         50ml acetone + 1,6l sodium hypochlorite (10%) -> chloroform (around ~30ml)

2.         90ml acetone + 10ml chloroform (1g KOH catalyst) -> chlorobutanol (~10g)

            1. I started off with the chloroform by adding the acetone to an ice cold bucket of hypochlorite (adding ice whenever necessary to keep cool)

            The bottom aqueous layer (chloroform) was poured in a container with a layer of around ~5ml of water remaining on top (pic while in progress - chloroform.jpeg)

            2. The acetone was cooled until chilly in a freezer and 10ml of chloroform was added to it with 1g of KOH to catalyse the reaction. (30min into it - acetone+koh+chloroform.jpeg)
            The reaction was given 2 hours to with the occasional check-up and stirring, after which the solution was heated in a water bath at 85°c until
            the solution seemed ok (I tried to smell for acetone & chloroform, and feel if any cold-feeling, but hot gas was coming out).
            Afterwards the hot solution was poured into ice-cold water and the liquid chlorobutanol that didn't crystallize much at all was poured onto a
            drying tray. (after dry - chlorobutanol.jpeg

-I had no idea on the quantities of reactants to use, so I resorted to calculating them through NileRed's video on chlorobutanol (Making an old hypnotic sedative and preservative). I feel as if the correct amounts were used, since the amount of chloroform made was enough not to warrant the need to optimize the reaction further.
-The chloroform was not "cleaned", as it was simply collected out of the bucket after mixing the acetone&hypochlorite.
-While the acetone and chloroform were reacting, they were forgotten to be kept chilly for a short bit (5-15min?), slight warmness was felt on the side of the flask, after which the reaction was placed to continue in the freezer.
-KOH wasn't filtered out at any point, so the final product has 1g of KOH in it. The pH of the end product was tested to be 6, which I think is due to the KOH left in it. It is noted on pubchem, that chlorobutanol is stable for many months at a pH 5 solution, so eitherway the final product seems fine.
-The chlorobutanol didn't crystallize (I guess due to the KOH), next time I'll remember to filter it out first before boiling the solution.
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