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New Drug Promises Instant Cure For Meth Addiction By Erasing Memory



By Chris Loterina | Aug 08, 2015 11:28 AM EDT

The newly announced compound that can allegedly cure drug dependence will erase memories related to addiction while leaving the rest of the human memories intact.

one could be interpreting this wrong, but seems to be simply a form of mind control embodied in a somewhat evolved form, in that they have taken note that most will often embrace such things, IF presented right, and retains the quality of one getting to choose whether or not to use such things...... ie~ the illusion of meaningless choice goes a lot further than given credit for, notably so in the typical modern, fascist regime of many a developed nation of present  (example~ elections, politics, democracy, etc.....)

one must illustrate that the adverb meaningless above, is most certainly not implied or intended to be part of the message to the public, as even their naivete may interpret this as the mind control it really is......
no, one meant to say simply illusion of choice, so apologies for jumping ahead of oneself and including such out of context descriptions


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