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java: seems the 2-CB HBR has a new name seen in south of the continent, "tucibi", the so called creator of the drug....not new  to forums but, i guess new to them......


Does anyone know what it's supposed to be like?

Kasey Jones:
Colombians use 2c-b as their elite drug. Cocaine is considered lowbrow like crank in the USA.  Not sure if they tweek the formula or not:. It's expensive down there comparatively--i think a kilo is like $46k which is a lot in a country where a kilo of yeyo is $1500...

It's been that way for a while--- check out this article from 2014:

Kasey Jones:
It’s not as though consumers are looking for a bargain. On one Bogotá-based dealer’s menu, a single ecstasy pill runs from $7 to $14. A hit of 2C-B (2,5-dimethoxy-4-bromophenethylamine), a psychedelic pink cocaine, sells for about $50. A gram of pure MDMA? About the same price tag. Compare that to cocaine, which you can get on the streets of Bogotá for $5 per gram — 10 times cheaper.

So they've just become jaded and so used to even the primo coke they've had there for ever? lol

I was thinking that the 'paste' (Basuco?) that poor people are said to smoke there should be pretty easy to clean up to make in to some primo yayo?


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