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LSD Chemist William Leonard Pickard to be Released From Prison

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On July 24, 2020, a Memorandum and Order was filed in the United States District Court of Kansas, in the case of United States of American [sic] vs. William Leonard Pickard. This Memorandum and Order states that Pickard’s motion for compassionate release is granted.


Well that's good.

Yeah its good for him.

But somehow I am repelled by this guy, mostly because of the strange people he surrounded himself with, and then he wrote that weird esoteric book too?

Oh no doubt about that, I was just speaking in general.

I will say from experience here in the states, that it is exceptionally hard in the drug trade to surround yourself with quality people. In 25 years of activity, I never met any.

 In my 25 years of activity, I have actually never met any people that were worth keeping in contact with. The very best people that I ever found myself around, were the people that I was around before I got involved in chemistry. They are all dead, gone moved away, or otherwise no longer around. I've got to say, they have entirely killed the scene down here, and what is left is despicable.

Imagine the stories that guy could tell...


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