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Single Dose of Psychedelic Compound Psilocybin Can Remodel Connections ....



Single Dose of Psychedelic Compound Psilocybin Can Remodel Connections in the Brain

The psychedelic drug psilocybin, a naturally occurring compound found in some mushrooms, has been studied as a potential treatment for depression for years. But exactly how it works in the brain and how long beneficial results might last is still unclear.

In a new study, Yale researchers show that a single dose of psilocybin given to mice prompted an immediate and long-lasting increase in connections between neurons. The findings are published today (July 5, 2021) in the journal Neuron.

I wonder java if this increase in connections of the neurons could also be the cause of
flash backs and people getting lost if they take too much.

maybe a flashback is just stepping down an old pathway that was formed while tripping.

and maybe those that are left out in psychedelic space have to many connections that lead to nowhere.

.....perhaps lost if one uses before ever using the compound as a reference point, then all new perceptions are avenues to explore , and awareness not experienced before . ...hence never lost just learning from before obscured venues that life offers to a wider awareness of the space in which we experience's the neutral static reference point that is used to evaluate and   undermind  growth, hence  continuing  the conditioning of the imprisioned view on the


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