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Increasing oil price = petrochemical price hike = shit

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Anyone else experience this lately? It's a trickle down effect much like pissing down someones throat.  Its shitty and it stings.

I'm sure we will all feel the trickle-dickle-down pain as long as oil is priced this high.  Real shitty move by our unified planetary alliance choosing to source crude oil from Earth of all places.

I'm sure my generation (I'm in the 40ies) will "suffer" from the end of the petrol-age as we will run out of the cheap and easy extractable oil.

What this means for tansportation, agriculture (fertilizer) and chem. industry and with this the number of people our planet can stand seems cruel.

But this will give the chance to go back to the real chemistry: glue, soap, ferrocyanides etc from the leftovers of the pony-based economy.
Get your 19th ct chemistry books  and a funny hat (oh, and a garden, some PV and a bike), because those young hipsters ("eeew - chemistry is poison and baad for the environment!") not knowing how their life depends on chemistry/oil in their 20ies will see you as a wizard then (if they're still alive). <:) (the "<" is the wizard-hat)

(edited: i'm sorry for ironically "blaming" some people first; german media does it at the moment, but thats clearly not true, as inflation is rising much longer than today... I hope this thread will be opened again to discuss about oil/energy/future of chemistry)

As soon as this veers political, and it is close now, this thread is history.

Image to reinforce the message above

Regardless of who agrees with whatever actions of which stupid corrupt governments, I hope that our ability to collaborate with Hyperlab will not be impacted by recent events. We, as scientists, must work together across borders, and believe in a better future for everyone.


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