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Amen. Someone real whgo stands up.

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--- Quote ---The pursuit of happiness, enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, is what really galvanises Hart. For him, drugs are a civil liberty issue. Just as he believes, as a self-professed gun hobbyist, in the right to bear arms, he also believes in the right to take drugs. Neither, he contends, is harmful if done responsibly.
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short & drunk reply: slaves should not have arms to defend or free themselves and should not take drugs to bee happy, they should just work!
(but now we know who that ominous "carl" is :D )

Just because hes black doesnt mean hes a slave  ::)


but beeing "white" doesn't mean that i'm not a slave.
(as you mention it, i see what you mean: last post shouldn't bee interpreted as racist but as general society criticism :) )

edit: well, look, what you did:

This post was reported for racism and subsequently edited by Joe

I feel you. If I was a hippy I'd say "were all slaves to the man broooooooo"


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