Author Topic: hexamine/ methenamine, what is this. just bought  (Read 1346 times)

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hexamine/ methenamine, what is this. just bought
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oh man, you got lucky,  hex is some good can use it for several favorite is to smoke can also snort it and it fucks you up. 

no honestly....DO NOT do any of what i just said because that i am not sure of the outcome but i wouldnt recommend it.  WTF are you doing buying shit that you have no clue what it is or what youre going to do with it?  are you huffing gas too?  just because im in a good mood tonight i will spoon feed you the information youre looking for but from now on UTFSE because it wont happen again.

here are some common uses:
-Curing agent for phenolic and resorcinol resins.
-Rubber-to-textile adhesives.
-Accelerator in vulcanization:
-Fuel Tablets.
-Photographic industry (as a stabilizer).
-Explosive industry like cyclonite or hexogen (RDX).
-Pharmaceuticals materials.
-Corrosion inhibitor.
-Shrink-proofing agents in the textile industry.
-Color fastness and elasticity agents in cellulose fibers.
-Fungicide in the citrus fruit industry.
-Proteins modifiers.
-Waterproof wallpapers.
-Production of pesticides.
-Reagent in chemical analysis
-Production of deodorizers and hair fixers.
-Anticeptic for treatment of borses, lambs and poultry urinary tract.
-and of course the most common use of it among those on the hive is to make methylamine. 

Theres nothing to be afraid of, just concentrate, and trust the music.


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Hey man dont knock it till youve tried it.
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making a batch of methylamine is pointless Not
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making a batch of methylamine is pointless
Not really,if you stain something with methylamine,it will stink like rotten fish for pretty long time.


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Not really
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Methylamine smells very much like household ammonia.

Trimethylamine's pungent stench is that of rotten fish.