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News / Re: Wareami
« Last post by sm0ker on June 30, 2024, 06:11:26 PM »
 :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( I can't post right now... My week/year is ruined.... Wareamise and the kids.... Rest in Peace in Heaven... Do someone know how much he was old when he died? Geez? Everything ok with you friend? I know you had also some health problems, i hope you are ok... The best two man on the planet are you and Ware...
News / Re: 11 months ago
« Last post by DerAlteSack on May 10, 2024, 12:30:41 PM »
So they make public drug use illegal again. Means now shooting up Heroin on the children playground and leaving the needles there is not possible anymore. Thats what you crying about? No changes in substitution programs or regarding drugs somewhere else then bus-stops and just somewhere on the pavement in full sight of everybody. So what? Junkies, or call it "Opiate and Benzo Personality People" are not the greatest specimen humankind has brought forth IMHO, they deserve all help and supply as all drugs should be decriminalized but their use in public should absolutely stay illegal alone as if not all decriminalization/legalization attempts are hellbound.
News / 11 months ago
« Last post by Psychenautixx on May 09, 2024, 06:42:31 AM »
You were no longer a criminal you were a victim of circumstance who needed help.
The city to help save people from the rotten opiate supply actually set up vending machines which dispensed pure heroin.
Now the circumstances havnt changed at all.
And suddenly you're a criminal again.
Harm Reduction Resources / Harm Reduction Intro
« Last post by Darko on May 06, 2024, 03:58:23 PM »
Hello board. I've always said the biggest harm reduction method we can have is abolishing the DEA. I don't say this lightly or arbitrarily but if you go all the way back to prohibition, they were the ones who put toxins in the precursors to deter people making "moonshining". Likewise, I suspect they are the ones dumping fentynal into the supplies to justify their "war on drugs". Forgive me if this has been mentioned before but it's been a source of contention for a long long time.

Luckily, I've only had one person in my sphere harmed by over use and they got into needles which is a huge NO NO. Other than that, we've been partying all of our lives and have seen it all. The most important thing is to test EVERYTHING especially E and M. I had one bad night a long time ago and went into a 5 day psychosis because I thought I was taking E and it turned out to be something else. Why? Again, because the DEA put the precurors on the watch list so labs starting using stuff that is higher in toxicity, has a lower od threshold, and mimics the effects of a weak dose.

So, the best thing to do is TEST! I cant stress this enough. Not only will it keep you safe but you'll also avoid those bad nights where you're "almost there".

Regeant tests are the best but I recently found out that you can buy regular drug testing cups from any pharmacy and put a little bit of whatever into some water. I just tested some E and it worked great, although the E came up with a bunch of "Breaking Bad" junk too (ugh).

And by abolishing the DEA we also have QUALITY CONTROL! That's so important and a factor that we've NEVER had. The manufacturing should be regulated and people should have resources available to help. In amsterdam, they encourage people to seek medical attention and there is no threat of punishment. They actually want to HELP people.

Of course, this is quite different than what they tried to do in Oregan by decriminalizing everything. While I don't believe anyone should be locked in a cage for a substance, the whole city of portland turned into Zombie land because they dumped a bunch of fentanyl into the streets. They knew damn well what they were doing and that's NOT the regulations that needed to be done. While I am opposed to regulation in any form, I see the value of it.

I was one of key people promoting recreational legalization in Colorado. While everyone was pushing for medical, a group of us were pushing for recreational and that turned out GREAT for everyone. In fact, underage use went DOWN because it was no longer a taboo. We should be able to go down to a smart shop and buy whatever we need for the weekend, know it's pure, and ultimately have someone on the other side of the counter who guides people in a RESPONSIBLE way rather than a blanket statement of "drugs are bad" and then kids find out they've been lied to about cannabis and before you know it, they're smoking crack and meth.

And think about it. Would we have a meth problem if MDMA was legal? Or even if people could buy adderal over the counter? I don't think so. Meth wasn't even a thing until they outlawed MDMA. '

OK that's enough of my rant. Sorry I went all over the place but as someone who has expanded my consciousness is so many different ways I can say that I've never been in trouble because I'm smart, I've never taken "too much" and had ill effects, but I also follow simple rules. TEST TEST TEST. I can't stress it enough.

I don't see an issue at all. You have clubs, raves, etc. where people have fun. It's expected. EMS is standing by. Everyone's looking out for one another. Oh yea, we had a place like that called 90's raves and guess what happened? Senator Joe Biden urged states to use the Crackhouse Law to go after rave promoters (a law that held people liable for running crackhouses).

Prices could be regulated too because of competition. When cannabis was first legalized, I was concerned about prices but soon prices became LESS EXPENSIVE than street prices. I used to get an ounce for like $400 and now I can get one for $150.
Mushrooms, Acid, E and M... I can see coming down to $5 a dose and with quality control, people will only need one or two doses. Nose candy in South America is as little as $3 a gram.

OK. And for all the DEA agents reading this, yea, I know the flip side. "Oh what about those irresponsible people". Sure, we have a country full of idiots. That's true. But why make responsible people suffer because of those idiots? If a crime is going to be committed, its committed whether a person is on something or not. Assault is assault. Rape is rape. Theft is theft. Wouldn't it be much more fulfilling (and honerable) to go after people who've hurt people instead of people who are just chilling, trying to have a good time?

Once again, I implore everyone reading to TEST their stuff. This fentanyl crap scares the crap out of me these days and I don't think it's the guy around the corner's fault. he doesn't want to kill his customers. He doesn't do his dilligence, gets some bad stuff, sells it to people and who put it in there? I bet 99 out of 100 times it's the DEA!

Rant over.
So i ordered some 2,5 recently. I called Health Canada and Customs and everything in advance just to ask them if it is of criminal intent here.
its not. Its on the DSL. But as a citizen you are allowed to order 100kg per year at max of anything on the DSL. ive got an official letter and everything and im not afraid to post it. I think they kind of have to realize that these compounds are used for more than just substances, with ill origin. But then again here in Canada right now you can walk into a store and buy DMT, LSD, MUSHROOMS, MDMA, KETAMINE, and Weed.... so {shrugs} i dont think we're coming completely apart the the seams just because all drugs are mostly decriminalized. All of the 2c's are schedule 3 just like evreything i named there, minus the mdma and the ketamine. both of those are Schedule 1.

So yeah.... i mean... the UN can watch something all they want. But if people really wanna get something they are gonna get it. Ultimately they should lift these archaic bans that exist on our free will and allow people to synthesize sell and be little mom and pop breaking bad empires as long as they arent hurting people, trafficking women, or dumping toxic waste down the toilet or into the forest. Straight up.
News / Re: Wareami
« Last post by p2e3r4f5e6c7t8 on March 31, 2024, 09:41:39 AM »
yes i remember him, Mainly at the-zones when it was around, r.i.p android.

Wareami had the pic of him at the beach, Doing a massive line of beach foam ;D
oohh and the days of peg and triprolidine and fucking Polyampholytes Ware always had some sneaky trick he discovered how to extract pse the getto way 8)

The legendery Geez, its been a long time.
Hello Java
You're not American are you?

They'll fuck whoever they can as much as they can.  It's a fucking racket: cops, lawyers, judges and prison industrial complex.  Fucking sucks
News / Re: DEA To Update Watched Chemicals List To Include Sodium Borohydride
« Last post by atara on March 02, 2024, 05:33:44 AM »
Yeah I was talking about the MgB2 method. The yield is about 10% of the boron but considering the electronics that's around 40% of theory. So not awful. The nice thing about MgB2 is that it's basically completely stable and easy to store which helps make up for the huge excess.

I suspect you could get a better yield if you used a mixture of MgB2 and metallic Mg. That would improve the theoretical yield substantially.

The balanced equations:

2 MgB2 + 4 NaOH >> NaBH4 + 2 MgO + NaBO2 + 2B

2 MgB2 + 8 NaOH + Mg >> 2 NaBH4 + 4 MgO + 2 NaBO2

Using KOH instead might also increase the yield but the product KBH4 is less reactive and less soluble. No idea if it would still work for the CuCl2 bit.
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