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Edwards E2M1.5 questions
« on: September 27, 2004, 10:17:00 PM »
Recently I found a cheap double stage rotary vane pump (E2M1.5)in working condition. The inlet connection is what they seem to call NW10 flange. The interstage has a nozzle where one can fit a vacuum tube.
In order to connect the vacuum tube to the NW10 flange it seems that I'm missing a part. I have browsed the Edwards home page and found out that one could fit an inlet catchpot to the NW10 flange that would probably solve the problem. The only drawback is the price of this item (about 800$).
Does someone knows this type of pump and a cheaper way to solve the problem? Shouldn't the interstage be closed for full performance of the pump? Or could I close the NW10 flange and connect my vacuum tubing to the interstage nozzle. Probably the vacuum at the interstage is high enough for most distillation needs.


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« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2004, 01:42:00 AM »
Firstly, I don't know this exact model of pump, but you could get a flange fitting made up for far less then $800 in any toolshop. Hi-vac stuff will have a SS flange with a replaceable copper gasket or such - this is excessive for typical requirements.

Most lab. stuff needs very moderate pumping speed - 9mm bore tubing - so it's not as if you need high throughput flexible SS assemblies.

The interstage will probably give sub-millibar pressure so is good enough for normal lab work. Shame to ignore the main pumping port though,