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Followup to Previous NH3 Production Dream
« on: August 19, 2002, 07:06:00 AM »
Well I had another dream, in this one a small fire extinguisher was disassembled, and a 1/4" hole was drilled into the upper flange, near the outer circumference, a .125" SS tube was epoxied into this hole and led to within .5" of the bottom, it was packed with 4 paper towels to prevent clogging, it was filled with oven dried, CaO, which is common white lime a concrete additive commonly available at your local hardware store, the extinguisher dispense tube which went to bottom was cut back to 2.5", it was covered with a folded paper towel, which was tie-wrapped in place to also prevent contamination, clogging, the ? 1/8-1/4" pressure gauge was removed and discarded and a NPT to .125" compression adapter was installed and a 10' Clear PVC hose was ran through a compact igloo's drain hose, and ran to a 2 holer stopper, with glass tubes extended to bottom of rxn bottle, submerged in dry ice/acetone bath the rxn bottle was prefilled with PF in anhydrous solvent, min possible, collection bottle had been precooled in bath to lower VP, 100x 60 was used and 2 AA's were prepped out, and set aside, used white-negro no preclean impatient impetulant 300 % excess to reduce, overcome additives, with no prep, other than white, no-wax GUP in braun, coffee grinder, Li, was added piecemeal, after fragmentation to inhibit boil-off of nh3, small 2Lb. prefilled, O2/air bottle from previous dream was connected to inlet tube of fire extinguisher with .125 nylon freezer ice maker type, tubing, with compression couplers, it's cut-off valve was opened very slowly and 400+ ml's was collected, this used about 50% of the supply bottles NH3 it had a nice self regulation due to cooling caused by expansion of nh3 and was kept in it's own ice being mostly submerged, this helped to keep it stable, so it did not fall over and accidentially, supplying unwanted liquid to Cao dryer, dream ended with a 75% filterable grey sludge and about 25% FB which was seperated by decanting, gassing and acetone wash and recrystallation yielding a 4.5+ g.return, in future dream swim, would carefully pre-clean and basify no-wax, white GUP, to get rid of all those nasty additives,such as carmelized sugar, etc.-etc.,but I am unsure of best, simplest most straight foward enviromentally sound prep method, the membrane method using a fed-ex synthetic tyvek 3M filter submerged in a ultra-sonic denture cleaner, sounds particularly interesting in future dream wanderings! I think in a ideal future dream, a 2lb. aluminum air bottle would contain distilled NH3 which had been dried by ext./drying tube placed between h20 condensor, and itself, having been previously supercooled, 
dryer would be refilled with more oven dried CaO, before dispensing back through it drying nh3, a second time, then run through igloo drain hole to a large SS thermos which would be filled inside with dry ice, a tiny vent hole would be drilled through plastic lid, a hole would be made top and bottom in air jacket and .125" comp. fittings, would be epoxied in place, this would serve to recondense NH3, and then it would run down gravity feed through a inline ball valve to a second SS thermos which  would have a hole drilled in its lid for this supply line, a second hole would be drilled in lid for vent tube which would be connected to a HCL bath to nuke excess/ evaporated NH3, its outer shell would be drilled, top and bottom, with large openings fitted with plugs, so outer shell could be filled with crushed dry ice/acetone/anti-freeze mixture.....whew!  ;D



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Ok here is a break.
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2002, 07:50:00 AM »

If you post something on the exact same subject/process as something you posted yesterday, PLEASE put it in the same thread.  It takes twice as long to read things when you do it this way.  That might annoy somebee's (foxy2) and make it highly unlikely that they would have an interest in helping you.  Or giving feedback.  Or even reading it.

Also if you want to help others or post a new procedure then you should make it easy to read.  Look at Videoeditors post in Stimulants for an EXCELLENT example of this.

Sorry I didn't read your post because the format is to difficult. :P


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Give the guy a break he's tryin to contribute ...
« Reply #2 on: August 19, 2002, 08:37:00 AM »
Give the guy a break he's tryin to contribute anyway.Good work dude but yah work on the style a little it's confusing.

Bee's don't die,we just multiply.


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Redundant Threads
« Reply #3 on: August 19, 2002, 02:16:00 PM »
Normally; redundant threads are rated as such, but in this case the offender is beeing given a chance to cut and paste his somewhat confusing post into his previous thread. Clear and concise write-ups are far superior, especially considering the fact that many readers aren't native English readers. There's no need for two threads, this won't bee tolerated in the future  :(