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Sponges as source of I2
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Similar to seaweed????
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you would need shit load of seaweed / sponges...
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you would need shit load of seaweed / sponges to produce a couple of grams of I2.


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I guess a good extraction proc.
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endangered species
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> You want to watch swim birching....  nh3 up, tolly, hcl etc etc washed into the drain.

at least reclaim your toluene by distillation, asshole.  >:(


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"Sponges with notable accumulations of bromine and iodine compounds in the fibers of the skeleton were charred and used, in ancient times, for fumigation.  In Microciona prolifera the iodine content can be 0.3 percent of the total dry weight."

Microciona is also known as the Redbeard sponge, it occurs in the Gulf of Mexico among other places.  It has long been used in studies of cell dissociation and reaggregation.  (You can push it through a strainer and it will crawl back to reassociate itself like the Terminator).  It lives of of sponges and grows/reproduces very quickly when fed with the bacteria of human feces, such as E. coli.  I believe it has a silicon skeleton. 

So, as thought, this seems to be a dead end, unless you are willing to create a sponge farm (which you could feed with your own shit) or import from some place you can obtain them cheaply.

Information from "Living Invertebrates" by Pearse and Buchsbaum

Wow, just noticed that I got my first utfse.  Shouldn't take tfse for granted never would have guessed that this was discussed.  My bad, won't happen again.


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@ $1 per litre
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Hypo @ $1 per litre it sounds like another bright idea.

Keep em coming.


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We could also round up a truckload of seaweed...
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We could also round up a truckload of seaweed while were at it and spend the next year boiling it down and extracting the I2,,, or just go to an equestrian hospital (horses) and get lab grade crystallized I2. Or check out curbshots write up for extracting it from 7% tincture. I2 carpet stains are a bitch though.