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Drying Solvents
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Yes...UTFSE...but in the meantime ...acquire some Epsom salts. Pour the Epsom salts into a Pyrex bowl.Preheat the kitchen oven to 250 to approximately 300 some degrees F. Place the Pyrex bowl containing the Epsom salts onto the oven rack. Close the oven door. The heat drives out the moisture that is in the crystal lattice of the Epsom salts(magnesium sulphate xtals+h2o).Those nice xtals will turn into a solid non-crystalline lump that you have to break up to get out of the Pyrex bowl.This substance is Anhydrous Magnesium Suphate. Add this material to your container of solvent and let set for a few hours or overnight. The salt sucks the water out of your solvents. Filter. You now have dried solvent...A.L.F. sezs,"The less seen, the less remembered."


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thin layer crystallosmashy
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I found it expedient to line one of the racks of my oven
with aluminum foil and sprinkle a thin layer of epsom
over the whole thing, then cover with another layer of foil
(to contain the "pop-rock" effect).  Much easier than
crunching those big clumps, imho.


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Epsom Salts
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Swim found that like gruns, after the first few times of drying in a pyrex dish or similar that there is just too much work in getting it out of the dish.

The line of Epsom Salt in a length of aluminium foil, wrapped up like a long cigar in the oven works well. Then you just unroll the foil and crack(bend) slightly to get usable amounts.


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drying agents
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Some other useful drying agents are:

Silica Gel - found in many OTC food packaging used for keeping moisture out of coffee etc.

Molecular Sieves - can be had online for a nominal price at your local auction sites.