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Non-Polar solvent choice for Mescaline extraction.
« on: September 13, 2003, 12:37:00 AM »
SWIM had a cousins, postmans, neighbours, dog ask about a dream it had about an extraction of mescaline related alkaloids from 4 feet of 6 inch diamiater San Pedro. The dog explained how, being a dog, his range of non-polar solvents was limited by mysterious circumstances, to a choice between Xlyene and Methyl ethyl ketone, and after trying TFSE and returing no results regarding this particular circumstance he would like to hear any thing the heavens may wisper.
thanks for ANY replies. DoGoD


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Cook cactus mexican style, yummy
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But if you really want to chemically extract, then go




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MEK isn't non polar

after you defat the solution do a acid base extraction with warm xylene or warm naptha


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Cheers guys, the dog will be pleased that you...
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Cheers guys, the dog will be pleased that you have saved him from a potentially money wasting situation, geuss it pays to know your solvents.


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if SWIM wants xtals do the following..
« Reply #4 on: September 16, 2003, 05:41:00 PM »
San Pedro Cacti 2 Phenethylamine Crystalline Hallucinatory Goodness for Chemistry Ignorant Idiots.
====--- -- - -
SWIM always processes his San Pedro into slices cut lengthwise and then allows the cacti saucers to dry to a beef jerky consistency.  Followed by removing the spines and grinding the now dried cacti matter to a powder w/ a coffee grinder.

Make sure you get some MeOH (buy or distill from He*t), Xylene, KOH or NaOH (Lye), and H2SO4 (Sulfuric Acid) or 32% HCl Acid.  In a luke-warm water bath stick a 1 liter PPE/Glass container that contains dried your cacti matter and ~500-600mL methanol. Also be sure to cap the container and shake the container regularly every time u think about it.   After 24 hours strain your cacti and repeat the last step 1 more time w/ your spent cacti matter.  Filter/discard the cacti matter and combine the now dark green MeOH filtrates.  Distill/Evaporate off the MeOH (*MeOH is Poisonous do NOT evaporate without adequate ventilation*).  Add ~700mL warm distilled H2O to the dried gooey dark green crude cacti extract; make sure you dissolve all the gooey extract into the water.  Now defat w/ xylene your aqueous cacti solution up to 7x or until nonpolar layer is *COMPLETELY* clear/colorless *(IT MAY TAKE WELL UP TO 10x TO DEFAT YOUR SOLUTION ENOUGH FOR YOUR FINAL PRODUCT TO BE CRYSTALLIZED!)* Save the aqueous portion of the solution from each defatting of your extracts and combine them; discard/distill lipid pregnated xylene.
Now to convert your goodies to freebase by basifying your aq. cacti solution to a pH ~12 w/ NaOH or KOH aq. solution. You'll know you're successful when you smell a distinct fishy odor, that's phen freebase odor - the smell of sweet success.

Sulfate Salt formation:
Now for the formation of the prettier Sulfate salt; in a seperatory funnel add 100mL dH2O w/ a pH 1.  Shake up solution in seperatory funnel (don't forget to depressurize your seperatory funnel;though if you don't know that you probably shouldn't be attempting this). Decant the aqueous bottom layer that now contains your newly formed & dissolved phenethylamine sulfate salts.  Repeat the last step once more and combine your aqueous phenethylamine solutions for slow evaporation. (The slower the rate of evaporation/crystals form the larger and therefore cleaner your crystalline matrix will usually be.)  After all the water is evaporated from your crystals you'll want to recrystallize these impure phenethylamine sulfate salts in boiling 99% Isopropanol for clear 1"+ sulfate needles of pure hallucinatory madness.

Hcl Salt:    
  For HCl Salt formation,stick your xylene in the freezer for a few hours & meanwhile dry some MgSO4 in the oven & 350F 2-3 hrs.  Now add your anhydrous MgSO4 salts to your chilled phenethylamine freebase xylene solution/stir well and filter off MgSO4 salts. Next you want to gas your anhydrous chilled xylene w/ anhydrous hydrogen chloride gas until your solution's pH is neutral. Filter off HCl Salts from xylene; put xylene filtrate in freezer for til cold; and repeat the last step until no more crystals precipitate out of the solution.  Combine Hcl salt precipitates and recrystallize them in 99% IPA for phenethylamine hydrochloride hallucinatory salts.