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Transition metal needed..........
« on: February 13, 2004, 12:28:00 AM »
Heres the idea:

As we know we can make 2-CMT very easyly from Acetondicarbonacid, 2,5-DMTHF and Methylamin, my thoughts
brought me to an idea that is perhaps very stupid......bla bla bla

It could be that the mechanism of the robinson synth. uses an intermediate that could perhaps form a hapto-3 complex with the lone pair of the nitrogen , the corboxylgroup at position 2 and the keto - hydroxy-group at position 3  to form a  M(2-CMT)2 Komplex ?  
This will solute the stereochemical problems in cocaine synth to a minimum.

Who want to try this ?  
30 Transition matals have to be tested in several reactions ........

I want to test Ni , Mn (in different oxidation states), Ti ? 

After cooking 3 weeks i will end up with a lot of dark black material............... ( but perhaps ......)

Other Ideas are welcome :::::.