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The salts will give heat but the heat described by JB is defiantly unreacted pseudo.. The same heat will be felt from injecting pseudo by itself followed by a long nap.. It puts u to sleep

swis has been dreaming, but has woke up long enough to say that in his 25yr experience, he has found that IV is best for being a lab test rat, and for having the best! sex.  as for legs, the route would be his famous coffee/dope/aspirin drink that has legs and legs forever. (however, i will try this OJ route and compare)>  nuff said (im dreamin your dream geez!)

A cough is due to the small capillaries bursting in the lungs.
very common with a birch or p2p synth. Many times if your method doubles volume in your syringe, you can pretty much count on getting a cough and going digital!
In the old days one would be looking forward to a good cough. It's almost like when you eat Wasabi and that vapor has to escape.


Love it!


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