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10-30mg is the recommended dosage for no-tolerant users...

1/4th of a gram is 250mg - 25x that much...

A wonder that they were able to sense any euphoria, and that the symptoms only included coughing...


(my guess is that those freaks were injecting a healthy amount of MSM if you ask me..)


tina_craig was the meth cooked ala bee style from swim? or was it purchased off the streets?

If it was the later then id highly suspect it was cut with MSM, and some sort of cleaning really should of been done before IV.

Everyone should know by now that the looks of the crystals mean jack shit!

Swim has seen crystals that were huge, sparkling gorgeous looking but was more MSM than meth!, user beware!

Where's Jemma, he could make some relevant comments on this!  That sounds like WAY too much to swim though his tolerance is not that high at all, considering. ;)

Chances are your friend IV'd some meth in that 250mg, but if it came from the street, it is highly cut!!

Swim knows users that have used for many years and don't do that much in a single sitting.  A quarter of swim's stuff typically will keep two persons UP for 72 hours before rest is needed. If one consumes alone it seems that quarter lasts a work week, anyway.

Can't say that I've ever heard of the cough phenomenon, but the euphoria or rush is likely due to by-products from the cook.  Pure meth does not rush one in the same way as cocaine, but many tweakers look for this rush and will turn down clean dope in favor of the "crank rush". 

Swim does experience what he would call a euphoria upon intranasal or slight after oral injestion.

well, this particular dealer always knew when his stuff was cut and would let the clientell know when it was and the more it was cut the less cough.  Swim knows that not everyone that IV's coughs even from the same gear, however most would need a minute to lie down because their eyes felt crossed and breathing very heavily, not short of breath just faster breathing.  Not sure of recipe, however, thinking that most product originated in CA.  MSM would cause these side effects.  Swim witnessed someone doing some brownish crystals with the same effect.

Smoking cut dope will make you cough.


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