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I found a new (to me method) for extraction of RP from MB. You still have to cut them into strips... I have been experimenting with adding water to acetone to remove RP. Denfinatly increases the extraction speed but leaves you with soggy strips and lots of paper contaminates. Today I placed my strips into acetone (200mbs in about 0.5L). Added no water and about 60ml of muratic acid (maybe more it was a splash). After 1 min of firm mixing almost all RP came of MBs. In another couple minutes I was left with very fine MBRP with very little paper shards.

No more 2hr mixing sessions for me!  :)


In previous posts (apologies to the author who I don't recall) the suggestion was made to initially use HOT H2O for 5-10 seconds. The reasoning given was to loosen the glue. After pouring the H2O off then acetone (or the combination of choice)could be used.  Swidb found this actually decreased the paper particle contamination since there was less agitation involved. Just a thought since it helped swidb.

SWIN's personal experience with adding water at any stage (even after multiple solvent washes) resulted in ~1/2 the mbrp clumping together and floating to the top. The water turned a thick white color (almost like milk...)
it was a bad scene. The addition of HCl did nothing except give off some nasty fumes, even after sitting for as long as 2 days. perhaps the striker pads on these matches are different in composition...the matches that SWIM gets are a bitch to strip - he sits there for hours scrubbing each individual strip with a tooth brush in a pan of acetone  ::) ...Anybee have a better idea?? soaking in acetone and alcohol with agitation only takes about 1/2 of it off...and it takes about 8hours of soaking and shaking/mixing!

Swidb has compiled a mix and match method from a number of ideas from the numerous posts. 1) he strips the covers. 2) cut the strips. 3)VERY hot H2O for 5-10 sec. then drain 4)Add acetone, shake until strips are clean. (usually less than 30 sec.) (really stubborn brands get a marble or 2 in the jar) 5)remove paper strips from jar. 6) let settle then pour off acetone (which will have a red tint if the books were the red variety.) 7)IPA (preferably the 91%)stirred then allowed to soak for 2-3 minutes (used to remove the glue). 8) pour off IPA and add H2O while still wet from IPA. The glue with trash (looking like RP) will float. 9) Pour off H2O and follow with clean acetone. 10) Pour off acetone and allow to dry. 11) With a wood or bamboo instrument free RP from glass into fine mesh tea strainer over a container to catch RP and work with finger or wood instrument untill only paper particles are left in strainer.Discard crap left in strainer. 12) Place RP from container in flask with E,I2.......OOOPS went to far.Swidb meant to say the RP is ready for use as you desire.

This works for Swidb who has (durring hard times) used the above in amounts as low as .4(Above RP),1 E, 1.3 I. to produce gear.

Hope that helps

You folks are reinventing the wheel. Is there a reason for this?

Check the stim forum faq; Squidippy spells it out.


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