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News / Re: Super-expensive Ecstasy is probably not even MDMA in New Zealand
« Last post by chip on Today at 05:31:24 AM »
au contraire


Dangerously strong batch of ecstasy going around [10/01/2018]

an excerpt:

"This season we've seen several pills weighing up to 580mg in which the main ingredient is MDMA, suggesting potentially two to three times the average dose," Ms Allison wrote.
News / 90s Documentary-Legal heroin & cocaine in Liverpool
« Last post by Emeff on September 21, 2018, 04:52:41 AM »
Old news but excellent drug policy.
I imagine that organised crime/the establishment shut this down as it was very bad for business. As Margaret Thatcher destroyed our industry in 80’s we were flooded with gear, and still are. At least it was tried.

h**ps:// 15 minutes

Mods-Not sure whether the harm reduction forum or here was most suitable
News / Re: Super-expensive Ecstasy is probably not even MDMA in New Zealand
« Last post by dedihetz on August 25, 2018, 10:38:19 PM »
Plenty of real MD on the Facebook groups up in Auckland, grams and import NL pills, but too little too late IMHO, so much meth around its actually hard for these fullas to move any MD as everyone's on the no sleep buzz over here
Harm Reduction Resources / Re: if you must use drugs should know this,
« Last post by chip on August 18, 2018, 10:06:56 AM »
I also swear by Tripsit and have a few links to them.

Although not quite accurate, it's still the best dosing guide in town.
News / Re: Police patrol Welsh village to head off hunters of LSD stash
« Last post by El_Kabong on August 16, 2018, 04:50:17 AM »

Sort this mess out  ;D
100 yo LSD  :o
Maybe if one kept it a
absolute zero. 8)
In the dark etc etc

It'd been a lot easier
to plant coke on some
poor slump. :(
News / Re: Police patrol Welsh village to head off hunters of LSD stash
« Last post by Tsathoggua on August 05, 2018, 07:37:28 AM »
It was more the sheer stupidity of the svinya in question, announcing they are looking for people hunting for the stash, assuming whoever they busted that said there was one, wasn't just headfucking the pork to begin with. Had they busted Tsath' for it, he'd make sure to send them chasing their own tails, with a bunch of BS about a truly massive stash they'd just HAVE to go searching and patrolling for day and night for as long as possible.

And believe it, Tsath' is  all too well aware of what the bastards are really about.
News / Re: Police patrol Welsh village to head off hunters of LSD stash
« Last post by carl on August 05, 2018, 12:40:21 AM »
If you would have realised our whole system is only useful to keep "their" narrative up, then you would have understood.
If it would be really different, then there wouldn't be thought crimes like consumption of psychedelics ;)
News / Re: Police patrol Welsh village to head off hunters of LSD stash
« Last post by Tsathoggua on August 04, 2018, 11:59:01 PM »
What a fucking waste of time. Bastards could be out catching burglars, pikey thugs and rapists, instead of pissing in the wind hoping to catch 'criminals' AFTER warning them that the filth are out looking for them coming. don't hope to catch prey whilst spraying your stench in the bloody wind do you?

The only good thing to come of this is a bunch of coppers beating the shit out of each other. And mistaken for a bunch of faggots? no mistake there :P
News / Police patrol Welsh village to head off hunters of LSD stash
« Last post by thewire on August 04, 2018, 10:19:39 PM »
Police patrol Welsh village to head off hunters of LSD stash

 Thu 29 Jun 2017 17.09 BST

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Police are patrolling a quiet Welsh village amid concerns that criminals could try to unearth a huge stash of LSD said to have been secreted there four decades ago.

In 1977 police raided an old mansion in the village of Carno in west Wales and smashed a multimillion pound drugs operation said to have been supplying up to 90% of the LSD being used in the UK.

One of the detectives involved in the investigation, codenamed Operation Julie, is now claiming some of the stash may not have been found and may still be in pristine condition even after all these years.

Dyfed-Powys police are taking the claim seriously enough to warn villagers in Carno, near Llanidloes, that unwanted visitors may be on the way. They have told the owners of a house used as a drugs factory 40 years ago, Plas Llysyn, of the revelations and stepped up patrols in the area.
 A police spokesperson said: “Dyfed-Powys police are aware of the issue and are assessing the content of the disclosure. We will be checking the records we hold to establish whether or not matters raised warrant further investigation.

“In the meantime we will be making the current owners of Plas Llysyn aware of the disclosure and the potential for persons to visit the area in an attempt to locate the drugs. We will be providing them with reassurance through increased patrols.

“We would also like to make it clear Dyfed-Powys police take a robust approach to drug trafficking and that appropriate action will be taken in respect of anyone suspected of using the information disclosed to assist them in obtaining and supplying controlled drugs.”

Operation Julie was launched after one of the men at the centre of the drugs racket was involved in a car crash in the town of Machynlleth, west Wales. Police pieced together a torn-up note and found it mentioned a key ingredient of LSD.

Some 800 officers, some of them disguised as hippies seeking the good life, descended on west Wales. There were elements of farce to the saga. Some of the undercover officers had fights with local police to maintain their cover.
One group of male officers was close to being rumbled after locals began to suspect them of being a gay cult and started to take a close interest in them. That led to female officers being introduced, including Sgt Julie Taylor, who was to be immortalised in The Clash song Julie’s Been Working For the Drug Squad.

After months of painstaking surveillance the police swooped and seized 1m tabs and enough raw materials to make a further 6.5m. A total of 120 arrests were made, resulting in 15 convictions and prison sentences totalling 120 years. The price of an LSD tab is said to have rocketed overnight from £1 to £5.

In a new edition of his book on the story, Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story, the former officer Stephen Bentley said a statement from one of the gang members had claimed a substantial amount of LSD had been buried in a woodland near Plas Llysyn.

Bentley said he had only recently got hold of the statement – and believed it was true. “I have made my mind up. That stash is almost certainly still there,” he said.
Authorities Seize $5.2 Million in Cryptocurrency Following Europe's Largest LSD Bust

29 Jun 2018
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European law enforcement agency Europol and the Spanish Civil Guard recently seized $5.2 million in bitcoin other cryptocurrencies, along with 800,000 doses of LSD, in what’s being described as the largest LSD bust the continent has ever seen.

According to Fortune, authorities also seized €3.3 million ($3.85 million) in fiat currency and real estate, and 10 luxury vehicles. Eight individuals running what was described as an “organized crime group” were arrested.

The group had reportedly been active since at least 2012, and sold drugs in over 100 countries through a darknet marketplaces. They camouflaged their products as legal ones, in an attempt to pass them off as everyday items. Two drug laboratories were shut down after authorities searched six houses in Spain and one in Austria.

In a statement, Europol revealed the group was well-known on darknet marketplaces:

    Two of the web pages managed by the organization enjoyed a great reputation, being the most known and exclusive worldwide in this field.

Notably, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) has recently seized $20 million worth of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in an operation that led to the arrest of 35 dark web drug vendors. A total of 2,000 BTC is still believed to be with the arrested sellers.

While it isn’t clear what cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin were seized, popular cryptocurrencies used on the darknet include Litecoin and privacy-centric Monero. Cryptocurrencies seized by authorities are usually auctioned off when the cases they were seized from are finished.

In 2017, US authorities made $48 million actioning bitcoin seized from the now-defunct Silk Road marketplace. Earlier this year, they auctioned $52 million worth of the flagship cryptocurrency seized from drug dealers.

Authorities have been cracking down on dark web marketplaces, as last year an international operation saw authorities take down AlphaBay and control Hansa to collect information on its users, before shutting it down.

As reported, a darknet market vendor known as “OxyMonster” was recently arrested after being tracked down through his bitcoin transactions.

A little more detailed article+ video:
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