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News / Re:
« Last post by The Lone Stranger on August 16, 2017, 07:02:44 PM »
>We had our 5,000th member the other day. There was over 5,000 members at the Hive. That's 10,000 FUCKING BEES.........!!! WTF.......!!! Where did they all go...........??

1 - 5000  two times is still 5000
2 . Thats accounts not members . It is / was common for people to have several accounts
3 - Thats over how many years ?
4 - That was in the days before anyone could buy anything through the internet cheeply . Who needs underground chemists now ?
5 - Because of that theres no money in it anymore .
6 - Drug deaths / deaths
7 - Some have scrambled their brains with drugs
8 - Maybe some were kidnaped by aliens ?

>And I'm sure there are a few more who don't frequent the internet

Maybe thats why they arent here ?

Novel Discourse / Re: Arylboronic acids for Suzuki Couplings
« Last post by nomud2.0 on August 12, 2017, 12:31:17 PM »
 aryl boronic acids via ArNH2 diazonation.

1m.ArNH2 2m NaNO2 in H2O.
(1:2)MeOH/1.5mHCl aq.------(PhNN)----->1.5 eq.B2(OH)4,(1:1)1.5mHClaq./MeOH--->PhB(OH)2
 20*C 30 min.                                                                         RT 1hr

Diboronic acid =Boronic anhydride

Syn Lett 25, p.1577-87

Tried to give schematic CHECK ORIGINAL REFERENCE

An almost OTC arylboronic acid syn ;)
Novel Discourse / Re: FC alkylation with oxiranes vs. aziridines
« Last post by nomud2.0 on August 11, 2017, 08:31:16 PM »
Ber 66,p1100(1933)

Allychloride w/FeCl3 gave b-chloro-n-propylbenzene*.That should oxidize to something useful.
There are so many variations to the F/C schemes that eventually someone likely will get
a-hydroxypropanone to an extremely useful reagent in a general scheme.

At least it isn't nasty stuff like it's halo cousins.I think it's used in flavorings.
Funny thing is the alcohols are more reactive than the haloalkyls,just have to
keep in mind the carbonyl is reactive too.Maybe mask it eg; ketol etc.
Aziridines are really very nasty.

News / MOVED: R.I.P Lady.We always love you....
« Last post by embezzler on August 07, 2017, 08:09:14 AM »
Chemistry Discourse / Re: Why the Ritter Reaction Fails for Safrole
« Last post by nomud2.0 on July 20, 2017, 08:59:50 PM »
 title="View this image">[/url]

>[1] <html><body><p>J. Am. Chem. Soc. 74, 763 (1952)</p></body></html> (
>[2] <html><body><p>Journal of Clandestine Laboratory Investigating Chemists Association</p></body></html> (

The above result of the Ritter rxn w/ safrole MDisoquinoline(image) If HCN is used instead of CH3CN the methyl group beta to the aromatic ring wouldn't be there, and if the  imine was reduced.It might,just might cleave off the aromatic ring under "reverse Mannich disconnection reduction" conditions eg; Heat formic acid/formamide similar to the cleavage of tetrahydro-B-carbolines.Kind of a reverse Pictet-Spengler Rxn. = P/S
for MDMA ;D

The odd thing is in general when a benzyl group is used as amino protection.As in benzphetamine,hydrogenation cleaves it off as toluene giving methedrine.

As a starting material 3,4-MD-benzylamine with HOCH2CHXCH3--then Ac amino protection -> 3,4-MD-ArCH2N(Ac)CH(CH2OH)CH3, then Friedel-Crafts subs the hydroxyl w/ -H20; for the  MD-tetrahydroisoquinoline.That might cleave also under reverse Mannich rxn for MDMA.

Where the first example given by Pictet-Spengler which used a unsubstitued ring  PEA.
For the tetrahydroisoquinoline from PEA and formaldehyde.

Later investigators couldn't reproduce P/S results with PEA.Actually, the P/S rxn is a Mannich rxn.. P/S reported this one year before Mannich reported the Mannich rxn.Thus, in reality P/S invented the Mannich rxn.P/S's  first reported rxn wasn't repeatable by later researchers.

I have a lot to say about this scheme,and will go into it later when time permits.
It's one of my pet peeves.
News / Re: ONE ton of PMK glycidate
« Last post by nomud2.0 on July 20, 2017, 01:37:56 PM »
PMK glycidate that's the first I've ever heard of it.At first glance I thought it was like the precursor to vanillin usually extracted from tree stuff depolymerization.Nope, simple Darzens from piperonal.
well established precursor and techniques.

So how'd "they" pass that past EU/Aus/US customs as all aryl rings with a methylenedioxy bridge are watched?  Very odd indeed.Where I'm at greasing palms is national pass time.One can buy their way out of almost anything.On the other hand if one can't you know.

What's odd is there's little leeway between posession and trafficing.I've seen major trafficers
and people with 12 grms marijuana Vs 100 kgs cocaine both get same sentences.Well read that in newspaper.The good thing is they won't extradite to the USA.
Tryptamine Chemistry / Re: questions about DMT synth
« Last post by nomud2.0 on July 18, 2017, 03:00:30 AM »
The  resulting tryptamine is 1-acyl or 1-benzoyl tryptamine that is deacylated or debenzoylated fairly easy by hydrolysis.This is basic standard fair removing the 1 position acyl/benzoyl protection should be in most books as Green's or most hetrocyclic chem books.
Tryptamine Chemistry / Re: questions about DMT synth
« Last post by nomud2.0 on July 18, 2017, 02:35:30 AM »
reduce the anil (imine)Schiff's,several ways to,then aceylate or benzoylate
the  1 position-NH, to protect.For PhN(Ac)CH2C=OCH2CH2NR2.
Cyclize,dehydrate (this is hydroxy alkylation dehydration best acid cat
is polyphosphoric acid PPA or phosphoric acid.For the tryptamine.
Sulfuric acid might work to but side rxn of aryl sulfonation complicates.

Note: condensation of nitrosobenzene and N,N-dialkylamino-3-butanone done RT
several days for kinetic mechanism in base tends to condense at less substituted carbon next to the carbonyl. Vs thermodynamic is higher temps, acid cat tends to condense at the more  substituted carbon next to the carbonyl.The N,N-dialkylamino-3-butanone starting material is standard Mannich rxn fair, 70% yields from acetone, formaldehyde and secondary amine.

Note:condensation of nitrosoarenes, usually done in aprotic solvent,many types of bases are used and excluding O2 to reduce nitrones is essential.This is Ehrlich-Sacks rxn.Nitroso arenes can and usually are spontaneously explosive and aren't stored,hazardous to move.Contact with self is dangerous too.
Tryptamine Chemistry / Re: DMT. NaBH4reduction
« Last post by nomud2.0 on July 18, 2017, 02:17:58 AM »
Used to post on DF.The new site is totally unusable (can't log in) for me.
N-alkyl-Tetrahydro-B-carbolines to N,N-dialkyltryptamines.Generally, a reverse Mannich disconnection reduction.If you can access DF see Xtaldoc's thread DMT from tryptamine.
 for references cited by nomud.
This is done by heating the THBC with formic acid and formamide or instead of formamide. Ammonium carbonate/carbamate which when heated give formamide.
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