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« Last post by warte on Today at 03:28:04 AM »
Hanswurst, I was only referring to a single pdf. It's still online here, search for a thread called: Why must reflux take 30 hours

I would dearly appreciate a large collection of tramp's work!
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« Last post by moppy on Yesterday at 07:36:12 PM »
I have Tramp's posts/pdf somewhere - he gave them to me about the same time they were posted.  It will take a little while to find them, but I'll throw them up when I do.  He did fine work and I sorely miss the guy.

I hosted rhodium for a couple years when it went down in 2004-05 ish.  I would do the same for wetdreams and collective if I had the databases and permission (if there is any permission to give).  I've read the boards / ran a couple - for years, but tried to stay away from board drama... So the backstories of how/why they went down, is way beyond me.
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« Last post by Hanswurst on Yesterday at 12:03:18 PM »
Another bee who spent the last half a decade walking a different path. Came back to look for wetdreams and the old posters, so little to be found online at this point. It truly makes me wonder about the fates of all those from the days. Was very sad to learn about tramp. One of his last posts here had a pdf grab from wetdreams, made swim realize how much was lost with that archive. Really hope someone has a copy or a giant zip file somewhere.

Yes, what about that?

I never got to see it.

Is that PDF grab still available?

I'd pay the community back, no question.
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« Last post by warte on Yesterday at 05:23:16 AM »
The point of contributing instead of waiting for others, is well taken. Swim has nothing to contribute right now, being retired, but in the far future might make good on it. If the board is still up.  ::)
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« Last post by embezzler on October 22, 2018, 08:32:31 PM »
The glory days of forums as a medium of communication are in the past. That can't be disputed. The hive also had it's problems but it was just a place to post. Times change and people change. Baba, for example, used to post useful information as Polythene Sam until he decided that acts perpetrated by members of another board well over a decade ago were justification to cease being productive and become a troll. Other members frequent other sites or communicate more in private.

I don't think anyone is expecting a wonder chemist to invent some new way of doing things. There are great chemists that post here. Their cumulative efforts and the efforts of the scientific community lead to breakthroughs. I don't know if we always do enough to support skilled members here. I have often thought a serious chemistry board would help if it were read only to the newbees but more serious members were able to post.

I don't think that underground chemistry will ever die. People may post less and the barrier to entry in terms of time invested against reward will shift and those that are content to order drugs off the darkweb rather than learn to make them will do so. That is the way of things and not necessarily a bad thing. Most of the problems come from people who think they are going to make it but aren't. This hobby attracts a lot of unsuitable initiates and hangers-on, some more resilient than others. It takes a lot of community effort to keep newbees and trolls from destroying a forum.

You TLS, come across as an agent provocateur. Seldom contributing but showing up every few months to sow dissent, complain and vaguely suggest how everyone else should do better and embrace some sort of anarchistic paradise that only a teenager would believe is possible and demanding access to information that is already available to you or could have been downloaded by you at any time in the past.

Well lets have it then. Since the moderators are not deleting anything, banning anyone and only 1 member was subjected to posting restrictions - what exactly do you suggest is done to improve?

Please refrain from the drugs before answering - The staff do take on board feedback but it is a pretty thankless job especially when life is going on outside of here.
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« Last post by The Lone Stranger on October 22, 2018, 03:55:53 PM »
I should have said why i said what i said ---- >

In the scientific circles i dont mix in we try to be neutral and objective and start at A and work through B and then C and on ......following thought chains as far as we can ....... trying to understand , optimise and explain ....... in ways that other people can understand ...... and if we cant explain it either we dont understand it or we're trying to explain something to someone who hasnt got the mental capacity to understand .

I've had conversations with small kids about atoms , molecules , viren ...... sensible conversations .

The thought chain i'm looking at at the moment started for me when i came back here after a long pause because i got sick of some peoples arogance , ignorance and bias .

There were 31 pages of unread posts . I read through all those that could interest me .

After a short while i noticed recuring themes and trends ...... for instance problems caused by greed , ignorance and eliteism ...... for example lost archives

And repeat threads where the same small group of hive old age pensioner iluminati liveing in the past that refuse to acept reality and that things change moan and whine about other people . Blame them for their own percieved lack of sucsess ....... instead of growing old with dignity .

Repeated calls for more ' disiplin ' so that legendary non existant wonder chemists might come and spoon feed them . Then intrieges and acusations that the legendary wonder chemists dont come here because other people are subferior .

People not being able to understand that underground chemistry is dieing . The peak is over . They refuse to acept simple self evident truthes like ........ Next to noone is interested anymore because they can get what they want through the net  . 

I say that and get shot at by wounded egos that think that they can own and control knowledge in their own interests . Did we ever look at history and think about the places where people thought that they could own knowledge ...... and dictate truthes ? It didnt work . Evil-ution Vs thought police = Evil-ution wins every time .

Knowledge must flow freely . Noone owns it . Its OURS . To do with what we want . Freedom of information allows people that might be able to help / show new ideas to do it . To take what others have done and cant improve on and carry it on . Add to it ......for us all .......for the knowledge pool .

Strange that when we watch ....... Hamiltons pharmacopeia ...... ' A clandestine chemists tale ' ...... one of the hive iluminatis heros Mr Gill says exactly what i said but non of the hive iluminati lonely hearts old age pensioners social club here dissed him .

Maybe the wonder chemists dont come here because of the way new members often get treated ? Maybe new members get pissed off when they come here and have to authenticate themselves to get on the site ...... and then again when they want to post ...... and then again when they want to edit their post . WTF ! :) What a brain dead idea . Psycho pseudo security .

Maybe they get pissed off when they post and see that moderators abuse them and their threads to shoot at people trying to help ?

The word moderator comes from moderate ...... to be moderate ...... to ensure moderation = That things stay within acepted limits of the comunity ...... IT doesnt come from moderator as in show master = egoisticly forcing animals through hoops for their own benefit .

The word community ...... CO ....... with eachother ...... together ...... positive ...... co-operation ...... inclusion and not exclusion .

The hive was ' cool ' ...... Its dead . Its gone and it wont come back . It died for good reason . Intrieges . Eliteism . User groups that tried to control and stear it ....... and a total ignorance of the criminal world . ( FUCK !!! ...... Just like here !!! :) )
Lower middle class strangers to life that ' thought ' that they could do what they want in a world that they hadnt got the slightest clue about .

You understand ? ...... When an ignorant chemistry moron comes here and talks shit you go nuts ? ...... They get shot at . .......... Then you understand what its like for me reading shit from idiots that have watched to much miami vice / z cars and get problems  ..... and cause other people problems ....... because they're trying to do things that they dont understand ....... Or force forums to walk behind them .

= Instead of blameing others , moaning and whineing ...... and thereby drag the forum down ...... do it better ....... if its broke ...... FIX IT ...... give and take ...... be moderate ........ tolerant and helpfull . Explain things .

The scene wont grow ........ the legendary wonder chemist wont come here ...... unless we train them ? ...... Chemists get older , die out and have to be replaced ........ That means we should help ...... and help others to get further than we got ......... Show them ways ? Inspire them ? ........... and not just preach , bully them , milk them and expect them to lick the arses of a few vain old men .

' Ask not what your forum can do for you ask what you can do for your forum ' . 

' John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address inspired children and adults to see the importance of civic action and public service. His historic words, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” challenged every American to contribute in some way to the public good. In this lesson, students learn about a theme in President Kennedy’s inaugural address, civic action, and consider how it applies to their own lives.

Essential Question: How does a leader inspire a nation or a group of people? '

With a whip ? ...... or by example ? By helping ? By doing the right thing ? Fairly and honestly without ego ?
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« Last post by warte on October 22, 2018, 04:18:05 AM »
Another bee who spent the last half a decade walking a different path. Came back to look for wetdreams and the old posters, so little to be found online at this point. It truly makes me wonder about the fates of all those from the days. Was very sad to learn about tramp. One of his last posts here had a pdf grab from wetdreams, made swim realize how much was lost with that archive. Really hope someone has a copy or a giant zip file somewhere.

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« Last post by rumpled on October 21, 2018, 11:13:33 PM »
Thanks mate, I think we all need occasional comic relief.

Want to see something even wackier? Check out:

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« Last post by Baba_McKensey on October 21, 2018, 09:14:51 PM »
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