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tried every thing wont come loose

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hive looked through tfse and found some probable solutions to a stuck groud glas joint....tried them all.and the SOB still wont come out...the joint is on a condenser and a adapter is stuck on the male end...need opinions on more drastic solutions without breaking the end off of condenser

Perhaps if you tell us what you've tried, you won't hear a bunch of things repeated.

ive tried soaking in pop,ive tried the freezer,the heat,wd40,brake cleaner,and 3 or 4 others that cant remember off the top of my noggin...bout ready to break out theBFH!!

Glycerin's always worked for me...Add some along the stuck joint so it can seep in, thn seperate.

A Hair dryer works nice here. Hold it in such a way as to heat up only the part you want to expand a bit, in your case the adapter and not the condenser.


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