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Anyone got info on Dextromoramide synthesis

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Ive tried to find the USP no. for dextromoramide tartrate, both by UingTFSE, and an intensive web search, but this one got me stumped man!
  Has anyone got, or found, the USP number so that I can proceed.
  Yeah Palfium, dextromoramide, can be a dodgy high but it is an extremely sweet buzz too. ;D

Has anyone got, or found, the USP number so that I can proceed.

Brit. Pat. 822,055

If you go to Patent GB822055 it seems like you end up with a patent for the manufacture of cricket and hockey balls...  ;D

#822055 is the correct number though, as the direct link leads you right:

Nice one Rhodium,thankyou indeed. I have been entering dextromoramide, and synthesis, patent, reaction, manufacture, production into every single search engine I could come up with for some time now, and always nitto. Proving that the collective conscience of the Hive is unstoppable. Resistance is futile, we will assimilate all who enter this forum!!
  The guy who discovered d-moramide also discovered fentanyl, imagine the joy of being a tech in his labs back in the 50's!
  So now comes the hard work! Figuring out old man janssens experiment, and getting Swim into his lab to reproduce his work. Will keep all informed of his results.
 By the way how do I post a url link, anyone?..... :P

Well!?!?! What happened with this!?!?!


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