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Attorney accused of manufacturing hallucinogens!!!

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The stupidity of the narrative in such articles is always unfathomable. What steaming piles of shit do the journalists writing these and the investigators giving comments have in their heads?

     I know right? "The havoc these drugs would have released on our town" lol. Cause DMT is a highly addictive, dangerous drug that will cause people to rob corner stores and take old lady's pocket books.
     And what is up with " at least one of the containers had fentanyl and or heroin in it"? Really! Sounds suspicious, like the feds added it in to a jar to trump up the charges. How and why would fentanyl be in one jar out of fourteen?
    And the journalist is absolutely just as bad. The reactionary demonization of psychedelics irritates me so much.

From the video, "DMT has no odour" ;D ;D ;D

Better Call Saul.......wait....


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