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High boiling fraction
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To the "UTFSE " fanatics
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Maybe I am blind but I can find only information about the terpenes and 
myristicine,safrole,eugenol,dillapiole fractions but nothing about the rest of the components or the mace and anethum sowa oils.


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The Constituents of the Essential Oil of Nutmeg
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Post 504015

(Rhodium: "The Constituents of the Essential Oil of Nutmeg", Methods Discourse)


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this was really a good read
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Ok, opssee,
I´m a little bit blind. Has nayone reference on anethum sowa too?
I got from a really good old eropean source 200 grams of Anethum sowa and 200 grams of Mace claimed with analisis certificate to be respectly 25% dillapiole and 17% myristicine.
The amount of dillapiole is "bad", normally range in Europe 40%.
The amount of myristicine is really good, normally range in Europe 10%.
To good to be true?


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mace oil distillation
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Fractional distillation of mace oil report:
100 grams of mace oil claimed to be 17% myristicine was fractional distilled in a 250 ml flask with ~18 torr(calculated with the normograph, with my power 2 fridge pumps vakuum sistem anethole boil at 115~120)
Like in the above document posted by Rhodium it can be sayed that the mace oil has 3 great fraction.
The first one beginn to distill with approximally 18 toor at 60 C and efinish at approx 100~110 C with a little bit linaol. 74 was collected of a really clear oil.
The mixture is passed in a 100 ml flask.
The second one  fraction beginn with approx. 110~115 C and finish with 155 C.That´s the good one.20 ml was collected, in freezer solidify promptly, have a little yellow tinge.
In the flask remain  a mass of polimerized crap.Cooled at room temperatur this crap solidify and is really hard to clean.In this moment the flask is seattled in a acetone bad.