Author Topic: bad karma? retire?  (Read 7506 times)

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bad karma? retire?
« on: October 12, 2004, 10:18:00 PM »


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Time to retire!!.... well time to retie the...
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Time to retire!!.... well time to retie the push/pull

Learn how to do a LWR, if you have been around here for ages you should know how to setup a LWR in a pinch, problem solved.


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refer to

Post 399065

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add water
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Add some water.


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restarting reaction
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swis is ready to try again, bad karma and all (SWIS WILL NEVER RETIRE!!!).  have UTFSE (swis sometimes thinks hes not doing the SE thing right-----now included :( ).  to restart, is it just I2, MBRP, or a combination? swis knows hes seen a thread on this before, but where is it when he needs it?  swis awaits to get flamed, or hopefully an answer.  (by the way, thanks for your patience geez.


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four precursors
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You are using three of the four precursors. Use all four if you want to have success.

E, I, rP, H20. There is an interminable amount of discussion in this forum on how much of each to use. There is a consensus that all four are required. 

I recommend a LWR. Ratios? see

Post 534545

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swis has used in the past E,I2 from tincture, MBRP only.(oh, and also a few pop tops). water for nano synth from tincture I2. has had no problems till recently.   a drop or 2 for approx 5-7g?  swis reaction gets muddy without the DH20.  add when applying heat?  thanks


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How much?
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You are going to react five to six grams of pseudo, right? I would use between 2.5 (min) and 4.0 ml (max) of water from the start, before I even added the I2 and long before I applied any heat. I would mix the red phos, the water, the pseudo together well, then add the I2, cap the tube with a balloon, swirl, hold in my palm a little while to feel the initial startup, then put in a sand/oil bath and bring the temp up slowly to the 100C range.

How wet is your I2 from tinc, anyway? Have any idea how much water is in it? If not, why not dry it well, and then add a measured amount of water to the reaction? At least you know how much water it takes to make things wet, rather than guessing at it, as you are now. 

I've used damp I2 before, but I cannot  recall ever having I2 so wet that I did not need to add water at the start of a reaction.

I would cook the wet reaction for a day or a day and a half at 100C or thereabouts, probably raise the temp to 120C after the first twelve hours to counter some of the hard to remove polymers that are probably in your pseudo whether you know it or not, and then work it up day after tomorrow, never opening it up during the whole reaction.
If you insist on doing a dry, hot, fast cook you need to search some of the older posts on that method. I can do them, but I seldom do anymore. I much prefer the product of LWR's.


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Screw Nano...Screw Drops...
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Dry everything completely so a proper ratio is achieved!
How can anybee weigh properly...wet I2?????
That's impossible!
Forget what worked before!
What you are doing now is what is in trouble.
Geez pinpointed the problem and answered with the solution.
Never ever ever add less than .2ml dh2o per each gram of E.
And with .2ml dh2o that is only for a fast/hot push/pull type rxn.
You don't even need the p/p tanks when following those guidelines provided you use a condensor capped with a balloon or just a section of hose/tubing capped with a balloon.
The missing ingredient is dh2o.
Add it and SWISM's troubled will be washed away!
Forget all that non-sense about about excluding the addition of dh20 if the I2 is from tinc.
Extract the I2 fr4om the tinc and stomp til completely dry.
Get the accurate ratio measurement-wise first...not during the rxn after it fails.
Add water to the rxn!

(edit)sorry snuck that one in on me! ;D