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Salting Out Freebase BZP
« on: August 13, 2002, 01:20:00 AM »
Hi friends! Since freebase benzylpiperazine is so much cheaper to buy than the dihydrochloride salt, it is obviously much more economical to buy the freebase and just form the dihydrochloride salt. It is my understanding that BZP freebase is caustic. I am wondering; is it also volitile? Will this caustic material vaporize reaily at room temp and burn my mucos membranes?

I am familiar with the theoretical processes of salting out meth. One way, in my opinion the easist and safest way, is to add aqueous HCl to the water layer below the freebase, shake and remove the water layer and evaporate to yield the HCl salt. This works fine for meth, however, since I have recently learned that BZP appears to be a very heat sensitive compound I don't think it could withstand the heat needed to evaporate off the water.

The other way to form HCl salts would be to dissolve the freebase in a nonpolar solvent and gas it. What np solvent would BZP freebase dissolve in? Perhaps tolune or better yet xylene?

Any other info regarding this process would be much appreciated. Thanks for any info!


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Heat, what heat.
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2002, 02:40:00 AM »
Last time I looked you didn't need heat to evaporate water, just time.  There is an excellent method for growinf BZP crystals around here somewhere, I think the title is snorting BZP, in that thread there is all the info on drying the crystals to avoid all the bad effects of heat.  HEAT is an enemy of BZP avoid it, so is light, so is oxygen, so heat and light are not good.  Making an hcl salt is so thoughrly discussed in TFSE that I won't go into it here.  There is also an excellent method to do make BZP DiHcl salt on erowid if you spend 5 mintues to look.

All the info you asked for is in TFSE and on Erowid, the link is at the bottom of the page right now.


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>One way, in my opinion the easist and safest ...
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2002, 01:49:00 AM »
>One way, in my opinion the easist and safest way, is to add...

Nope. Just spread the shit out on a dish and let it react with CO2 in the air to form the carbonate salt.

You would already know this if you'd spent about 30 seconds using the search engine...

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