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Refrigeration files
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"Old refrigerators are salvaged to build a laboratory cooler and a gas liquefier"
-details using OTC components to build a gas liquefaction appartus. this is dated and uses freon as the coolant but will adapt to
modern refrigerants. details piping/soldering to achieve regeneration. etc. Neat stuff.
Amateur Scientist  from Scientific American  page 151 november 1969

"The chemistry student -'Cooling and refrigeration' " - talks about various methods available on a student level to achieve
cooling - among them are Peltier, chemical action, Joule-Thompson effect, absorption of latent heat, etc. as well as refrigerating
fluids like ammonia, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, methyl chloride, ethyl chloride. And my favorite the ammonia-water
absorption cycle. featuring the Crosley Icy Balls. lots of diagrams
Journal of Chemical Education  v6, no10, page1768  Oct 1929

"high school chemistry - Refrigeration"- info on basic refrigeration in the setting of high school chemistry.
Journal of Chemical Education  Nov 1942 page 539

"Refrigeration - a demonstration for the classroom"- ammonium hydroxide to liquid ammonia and back again - in the process of
vaporization and condensing heat is absorped. simple demo for ammonia adsorption.
Journal of Chemical Education   page 169 lost issue/date

"Simple apparatus for refrigeration experiements"- mechanical apparatus for cooling. some math related theory.
Journal of Chemical Education  oage 364 July 1955

"small ammonia refrigeration" - online source---anhydrous ammonia characteristics-

"ammonia refrigeration in supermarkers" - cooling it in Brazil - physics speaks Portuguese -
online ===> Google in ASHRAE Journal

"refrigeration and alternatives for alternate energy people"- drawings, procedure and words -
online at

"absorption refrigeration technology" - 2000/team07/absorpti.htm

US 1740737 and US 1811523 patents on refrigeration, IcyBalls, etc.

"Crosley IcyBalls" -  another ammonia absorption from past - homemade version of patent

lots of hits on

ammonia - liquid from the Musprat Chemisltry Vol 1 page 178 - online Google

"Homemade refrigeration system with propane refrigerant" -   online at

anywho hope this helps some with the cooling questions