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It is an effort to log in to this forum since data stealing software wants to run Javascript but now that I have been able to get on and read the state of things I wholeheartedly agree with this rule(s). A simple reason is that I couldn't give a shit about any of your political or religious beliefs. They might be important to you, but they are not to me. :P Likewise my opinion on your beliefs should be inconsequential to you. There are plenty other places to discuss them. At least for now.

Cancel Culture sucks and so do safe spaces. They are for the emotionally and mentally fragile. That personality type isn't suited to this hobby in the long term. This rewards a certain level of autonomy particularly when it comes to thought. Reality is often brutal and needs to be met head on, it will be still there if you ignore it.

The internet these days is toxic. People believe that they shouldn't have to be exposed to alternative view-points. Nobody is saying you have to agree with anything someone else says. Diversity of opinion is important for a holistic view of things. Hearing things you don't like is good for you.

I don't know where "cancel culture" ends. With nobody saying anything, or with everybody only saying the same thing. It's hard to say which would be worse.
I guess humour will be the first martyr in our ongoing war with human nature. Perhaps I am fortunate that in the real world the adults don't seem to be so sensitive and haven't forgotten how to tell someone to just fuck off and then ignore them. Heterogeneity of cultures is important and likely be eroded at an alarming rate like minority languages. In the future we won’t need archaeologists or historians the narrative will trump discovery and neither require nor allow interpretation.

I do see the over-socialized bullshit-jobs crowd in the workplace aiming to socially engineer demographics but this is far from successful. All you have to do is look at the C-suite staff of fortune 500 companies to know how serious all of this really is taken  ::)  I wonder is this because people never read A Clockwork Orange or because the nuances of imposition of mechanical will on biological entities was lost on them. The school curriculum must totally suck now.

Systems biology is emergent in nature. There is wisdom in that.


--- Quote from: TryItYoullLikeIt on July 09, 2020, 06:08:19 PM ---This place should be like a bar - no religion, no politics.

--- End quote ---

Pretty sure bars and pubs have been the de facto default place to openly arm-chair philosophize at length about religion and politics, with your felow hoomans, since.. bars and pubs have been around?  ;)


--- Quote from: embezzler ---Cancel Culture sucks and so do safe spaces.

--- End quote ---

You do realize that these provisional rules effectively create a safe space, right?  ;D

The rules foster a harmonious, focused community free from dissenting views that would otherwise chip away at the social fabric that binds its members. You might see it differently, but a rose by any other name..

I like the idea of a 'safe' space - it cuts down on a lot of bullshit and keeps a lid on the haters. As has been mentioned by many others here, I'm here for chemistry and that's pretty much it. These rules help keep the forum 'on brand' and the discourse therein out of the weeds.

Kudos to the mods for being vocal about this and nipping this potential problem in the bud.

I disagree that this creates a safe space since no political or religious views will be allowed. A safe space would allow one point of view and prevent others. One would be safe from opinions they dislike and surrounded only by those that agree with them.

Nobody is being "cancelled" either on account of their views they will simply have to find another outlet for these particular thoughts. Everyone is free to post on topics relevant to the board. This isn't an attempt to pick sides and prevent any particular individual or viewpoint from being expressed.

Politics and religion were never the point of boards like this.

Check out the A Clockwork Orange videos on youtube.


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