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I love you guys


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"Honestly, what is all of this nonsense?
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"Honestly, what is all of this nonsense?  Just soak your strips for an hour or so in pre-dried acetone, shake vigorously, and filter, that's it, all done."

NMR thats definitely one of the most ignorant statements ive ever heard here.

What makes you think everyone has the same striker pads as you do? especially when we are talking about a global scale here.

Swim has strikers that need to be scraped no matter how long you soak for and how hard you shake, and just acetone does not clean it and leaves it still very clumpy.
And im sure thats the same for most bees these days.

Just remember where you are, and remember this for next time.

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Re: 5min MBRP removal
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When I saw "5min mbrp removal" I thought someone had been watching me, but I may be a teensy bit paranoid. My 5 min removal goes like this;

1) Set hotplate to slightly hotter than low (my hotplate is a cheapo, my guess is about 200 F)
2) Dont rip matchbook apart, don't even open it. Place striker directly on hotplate for 5 - 10 seconds (practice makes perfect)
3) Scrape gooey soft RP/glue paste off with back of butter knife
4) Soak in laquer thinner (a mix of solvents sold at paint stores, contains acetone, methanol, ethyl benzene, etc. diff brands seem to have diff blends)
5) Rinse with boiling Dh2o

? 6) ?   Burn the trash. People know why you are throwing away 8,000 books of matches    8)

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Re: 5min MBRP removal
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It may be possible to use formic acid instead of RP. Like RP, formic acid is also capable of reducing iodine to HI, which is what actually reduces the alcohol.

You can also buy red phosphorus on the darknet.

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Re: 5min MBRP removal
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The glue is the paint and the best thing to use is Acetone and some paint remover.
DCM is good, but expensive, so a mix with acetone is best.
Anything that contains water is bad and makes papermache.

You want the paper to stay 'dry' and solid.

So use acetone and some DCM and a toothbrush to scrub the MBRP off ther strikers.
In a saucer or such. With matchboxs, cut the box so theres one side with both strikers on each side of that. (ie, only cut the back off the book,) make clean sharp cuts so theres no loose fibres.

Acetone only absorbs so much paint/glue, DCM helps a lot. But theres still water soluable glue in the MBRP. So you need to do a alcohol wash later on.

Don't use Turps as its a dirty solvent, oily and dissolves the toothbrush.

After the MBRP is removed, then use alcohol on the MBRP as alcohol will absorb water so you don't want alcohol near the paper/cardboard.

Filter the mbrp and dry it and add HCL acid to eat any fibres and wash the mbrp with water, dry and use HCL acid again. Boil the HCL acid.

Then wash twice with hot water again. Dry.

If you dry a bathroom with a dehumidifier, theres no water in the air .
Do your HCL wash and boil in there and theres less HCL fumes.
Then afterwards, turn the shower on and the water spray will clean the HCL fumes out of the air and down the drain.

To do the filtering ghetto style. use a glass bottle, and rubber stopper to fit the bottle - with a hole in it, a couple of face makeup cleaning pads and a funnel that fits in the stoppers hole.
Tomato pasta sauce bottles work well, bigger the better.

Clean it and dry it. Keep it warm, hot.
Put funnel in stopper, plug funnel with face pads.
Add some of the solvent to the bottle and heat it, with acetone or alcohol put it in the microwave so the solvent boils.
You want the bottle to be hot, the solvent to be hot too, but not too much liquid solvent in the bottom of the jar.

Now remove bottle, put it on something insulation, a towel or such.
Put the stopper/funnel into the bottle.
Pour the powderd MBRP/solvent into the funnel and as the bottle cools down the solvent/air will contract and suck the solvent thru the filter, leaving you with a plug of powdered MBRP.

Makeup pads work better than charmin toilet paper, they have a soft and a glossy side. But as a plug they actually filter on the outer edge of the pad.
You can really jam the plug in and it always works.
The MBRP plug will be almost dry, solid.

You can use alcohol as the solvent in the bottle as because the MBRP has no fibres in it (no water = no fibres) and you are going to do two alcohol washes anyway.
If the solvent is only warm it will cool the bottle down quicker. Sometimes you only have several seconds of 'suck'. So time it well, you can see it happen.

You do not want to drop cold solvent into a hot bottle as it may crack.
You don't want the bottle to be hot and almost dry, the solvent in the bottom is the safety cushion, too much solvent and you don't get as much suck either.
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