Author Topic: 3.5G succesful rxn - xtra hydrous VM&P discovered  (Read 5848 times)

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3.5G succesful rxn - xtra hydrous VM&P discovered
« on: July 13, 2003, 08:43:00 PM »
Hey CN:

SWIM didn't try too hard to chase down that 1.6G Nano and went ahead with a 3.5G run...SWIM needed fuel so he went with a little mid/hot/wet rxn instead of the long wet one he intends to do next...but it's all good...after 24 hours SWIM turned up the heat till she was finished about 3 hours later. SWIM has now seen the rabbit in all phases now...what a relief.

3.5G fred (STE pull)
5.0G i2 lab (grade)
3.5G MGRP (2 or 2.5G returned forgot for sure)
3.5-4ml DH20 (forgot for sure)

So much work in the ensuing time getting the dream to fruition while trying to create new fred and still bouncing around chems trying to track the nano down. (Bad things are happening on the fred frontlines and SWIM really need to do one thing at a time or start taking notes...more later)  The nano finally turned up sticky pink/red and sweet and carbon didn't fully clear it...SWIM's fault and it's as he had suspected....bad fred....garbage in - garbage out.


let me tell you story bout a man named SWIM,
his pondwater suckin' well was getting pretty slim,
then one day he gandered at his VM&P
well those rotten depot f*cks well they made it watery...
sooooo that is, not for me...texas pee.

So first thing you know ol SWIMS a pullin hair
His goods all suck, better get em outta here
so he loaded up his solvent with that johndee silly gel
and made a batch of go that he could take to show and tell
sooooo that is, right for me, incredibly....

(alternate was "batch of go that did his pecker pretty well"  ;)

The 3.5 fred was cleanest yet and didn't take more than 3 recrystals after the rxn to get white, tight and out of site....SWIM considers this his first real dream and hopes he's left the pondwater days behind...ended up with about 1G very good go after 3 recrystal (plenty of desire and ability to do so using what would normally not suffice at all)...and that includes making the classic blunder of leaving the damn stopcock open after cleaning. Sucks coming back to use it later all excited cuz he knew he had some real honey working and feeling the splatter on his toes, no telling how much ended up in the carpet. Argh!

Now the only problem is that SWIM tries to burn on foil and the honey goes flipping orange...going in search of another method of cleaning but have tried quite a few...and to look up best methods (if any needed) for creating a smokable substance.


Thanks for the push to go gassing. SWIM didn't need big production so he went ultra nano in a 99% IPA bottle by itself. That is so cool to see the water start snowing like that....SWIMS first gas run may have gone a bit wrong as well since he didn't know what to expect and look for in the layer. It got real slushy at first and then not so much retained upon a little further gassing...

Since SWIM is doing this in a closed system with roomates he waited till the night shift and discovered that gassing in a separatory funnel is good for inside venues. Just fill up with smoke and put the stopper on, shake dat booty a with any container that will close. Sure saves on the indoor sketch factor...

Anyway, that's SWIM's cherry story....and he's stuck with it.  :)