Author Topic: Who’s got the biggest Pill Challenge?  (Read 25097 times)

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Who’s got the biggest Pill Challenge?
« on: February 26, 2004, 02:37:00 AM »
What do you think; do the pills in various geographic regions differ in their composition? Who faces the toughest pills, East Coast, West Coast, Mid West? Do they even make speed in the south? It seems to me that big brand name products like Sudafed would be the same anywhere in the world. I’ve bought generic pills here on the West Coast that are manufactured by companies headquartered in the East and I don’t see any reason they’d be making special blends for different markets. The only variance that seems likely would be that regions with slower sales might have older product on their shelves but I don’t imagine it being more than a few months different. The generics 60’s that I’ve seen here in the Sunshine State (where at this moment it’s pouring rain) are mostly expiration dated 11/2006 and 12/2006. 12/2006’s have been here since around October of last year and I have not yet seen any 01/2007’s. 
   I realize that any opinions including mine are mere conjecture because unless you’re a major jetsetter who wants to spend their vacation time fucking around with pills in a strange and unfamiliar place you really don’t know what others are dealing with. Still, I’m curious what everyone thinks. Maybe someday years from now declassified document will reveal who was right and we’ll all get a big laugh out of it. I’ve heard Australians claim to have it bad but I just figured they’re a bunch of whiners.

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Re: Who’s got the biggest Pill Challenge?
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2015, 07:52:43 AM »

I can tell you (i live in aus) chemicals are difficult to source even ammonia without soap you need to be dealing with a chemist/pharmacy (very rare) or going through a chemical company. this alone creates issues for multiple applications. pills are not too difficult to get (New South Wales, Sydney, West) but quality is complete rubbish. MDMA caps are an improvement but still the quality isn't there better off getting gas or something you can be more sure of at purchase.