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DMT synthesis 4
« on: February 18, 2002, 02:36:00 AM »
BEES,I`ve got a possitive result on my little DMT project,at last!!! DMT crystals!!!
I started with 10 grams of Tryptamine 98% witch I dissolved in 100 ml 2-propanol and mixed it with stirring 34 gram MeI and stirred this for 12 h  at roomtemp. filterd it and washed it ones with a small amound of 2-propanol and let it dry.
I mixed 10 grams of the dimethyltryptaminemethyliodide with 40 gr4ams of ethanolamine 99% and boiled it for 15 minutes at reflux,let it cool down and put 100 ml dest. water to it on witch dissolved everything,extracted it 3 times with 50 ml ethylacetate,and back washed the ethylacetate sollution 2 times with 50 ml dest. water,destilled under reduced prassure most of the ethylacetate untill circa 40ml and let to evaporatted the rest of the ethylacetate with a little help by heating on the heater and vaccuum in a dessicator untill dry a possible got me some parafilm,put it in the refrigerator,and see all ready after a couple of houres nice small yellow DMT crystals! :)  :-[  :) i thing around 4 grams or so ;)  ;)