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3-(2-Bromoethyl)indole Synthesis
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These Russians are COOL!!

Indole derivatives.  C.  Synthesis of w-(3-indolyl)alkyl bromides.    
Eryshev, B. Ya.; Dubinin, A. G.; Buyanov, V. N.; Suvorov, N. N.   
Khim. Geterotsikl. Soedin.  (1974),   (11),  1493-5. 
CODEN: KGSSAQ  Journal  written in Russian.   
CAN 82:125216    AN 1975:125216   

The indolylalkyl bromides I (R = Br; n = 2,3,4,10) were prepd. by Hunsdiecker bromination-decarboxylation
 of the Hg salts of I (R = CO2H).  Alternately, I (R = Br; n = 3,4) were prepd. by reaction of I (R = HO)
with PBr3 in Et2O. 

Hunsdiecker Reaction
Preparation of aklyl halogenides from carboxylic acids.
HgO or Ag2O is used as catalyst. The reaction is via a radical mechanism and must be lightened.

Hunsdiecker Reaction (Borodine Reaction)

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