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Diazepam Synthesis 1 "New Bee Needs"
« on: October 12, 2004, 12:30:00 PM »
Hooddy knows Newbee's catch it...So be as gentle as possible!
Information is power. And Info Is not complete for Novelist-Bee. Diazepam Synthesis 1:
To a solution of 13 grams of 5-chloro-isatoic anhydride in 120ml of dimethylformamide, 7 grams of anhydrous sodium carbonate and 18 grams of methyl iodide was added. The reaction mixture was stirred for 20h at room temperature, and then poured into 700 ml of water to give crude N-methyl-5-chloro-isatoic anhydride. Recrystallization from acetic acid gave 85% yield of product melting at 201-203°C.

If you know for sure please fill in the blanks
(1)The 20h stirring speed, revolutions per minute? Stirred covered/uncovered?
(2)When reaction mixture is poured into 700ml water, is that it? Crude N-methyl-5-chloro-isatoic anhydride just "bee comes" ?
(3)recrystallization from acetic acid gave 85% yield of product melting at 201-203°C. That sounds nice to this New-Bee. And I'm sure that a more informed-Bee knows what is ment. But this Bee wants to get it right the first time.
bee-tells, bee-tells, bee-tells! How much acetic acid is to bee added? Does recrystallization just happen? If not, how is the act of recrystallization done (this case only)?
(4) When compound is finished is there any - washing, drying, ect. That needs to bee done in order to have a finished result?
Better to ask than bee sorry later because you made a mistake. If there is anything else helpful to add that this bee forgot to make a point of, please do so. But try not to get to fancy and leave the novel-bee lost with vast knowledge you may have. More simple and complete is the mind set. Beecause I posted these thoughts to the novel for the novel by the novel- may the dullest of knives in the drawr shine also!

P.S. The reason I make light of Rhodium Diazepam1 is not to impune. I'm sure the formula is perfectly simple "as is" for
persons with low to medium chemistry knowledge. All I have at this time (as far as chemistry goes) is need. There is a book on my desk i've had for many years titled "Creating webpages for dummies." It's yellow and black and looks like a bee :-[  and one of these books is made for every topic you could think of. I need the "creating diazepam for dummies" volume of these books! If you can't help me with my Diazepam1 questions; If a bee out there has a "one pot very simple diazepam formula" Then please share! All I ask is that it bee first hand knowledge information. Beecause this bee does not wish to take a dose of wasp spray!


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the synth may work...
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2004, 12:06:00 PM »
but it really is easier to buy direct, im not kidding. search the net, save your self the hassle and make something a bit more interesting.

benzos certainly have their place in the chill out kit but the 1/2 life of diazepam can be a problem (36-200hrs).
alpralozam would be a better bet if you like waking up like normal.

if you are determined however, good luck.