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Fuel cell production of Hydroxylamine

19.Hossein Sharifian, John Wagenknecht, and Allen J. Bard, "Electrosynthesis of Hydroxylammonium Salts and Hydroxylamine
Using a Mediator, a Catalytic Film, Methods of Making the Catalytic Film, and Electrosynthesis of Compounds Using the
Catalytic Film," Canadian Patent Application No. 2301035 (filed August 14, 1998), World Intellectual Property Organization No.
WO9909234A2 (issued February 25, 1999) (See also, under a shortened title, item 23 below.)

Patent WO9909234

23.Hossein Sharifian and Allen J. Bard, "Catalytic Film, Methods of Making the Catalytic Films, and Electrosynthesis of
Compounds Using the Catalytic Film,"

Patent US6165341

The first patent and these uses nitric acid, alkali metal nitrate, gasses, or any nitrogen oxide.

Patent US5447610

Patent US528131

Patent US6024855

There are also numerous patents regarding Pd&Pt/c catalytic reduction of nitric acid and nitrate salts to prepare hydroxylamine in eighty percent and higher yields when the catalyst was treated with a halogen. Seems simple enough if you don't care about using the catalyst day in day out for weeks. Making it possible to skip the halogen treatemnt. I like the electrolytic methods better though.

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Patent US5281311