Author Topic: THC extraction with hot air/high boiling solvent  (Read 7539 times)

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THC extraction with hot air/high boiling solvent
« on: October 05, 2004, 03:30:00 AM »
OK, so i might get flamed but i UTFSE and nothing i could find on this.

I just had a thought on extracting THC with hot air (collecting fractions between 170-230 C)or, extraction with hot vapours of a solvent with a high BP (200-250 C) then condensing into ice water, theory being THC low sol in water (0.28 g/L @ 23C) so the water should cool the vapours enough for the THC containing resin (and solvent) to condense out and not dissolve in the H2O (just float around?) then washing the water with pet ether and evap.

Any thoughts on the fesability (sp) of something along these lines?
I know there are many other ways to do what i am trying to achieve but no harm in exploring eh?

any comments apreciated (except telling my to forget it and just wash weed with IPA/Acetone/Pet ether ect ect)

Thanks heaps.


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ill save you the disappointment..
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2004, 12:34:00 PM »
if you already have the pet ether, then fuck the idea you proposed. think about it yourself... it would bee very difficult to "distill" weed like you say. it would bee almost impossible to get the entire bud up to temp... why the fuck am i explaining this... just take the weed an put in the ether.. even better, ill give you my method for prefect puna: ether disolves thc/cbd only, whereas alch disolves sugar, chloriphil, water, and waxes only.1 pint of ether, a gallon of alchohol-100% distill vodka if you gotta or use 100%IPA, a jug able to hold all contents, a strainer. place weed (im talking bout a 1/4 pound) in jug of dry alcohol and let sit-i dont know how long but more than 8 hours, dont bee in hurry. after straining this mixture, pour the pint of ether into the strained weed/alch mix. agitate/shake vig for an hour. separate the ether off. distill the ether (and save!!) in the apparati you said you got an your there. keep the original fluids and reuse them all. you may have to relace the alch after bout 10 lbs though... :)