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This new and forever growing thread is devoted to new literature relevant for tryptamine / lysergamide chemistry. Let's discuss these papers in separate threads for a better overview.

Heterocycles 51, 1131 1999 H. Sakagami, K. Ogasawara: A new synthesis of psilocin. A seven-step-low-over-all-yield-very-complicated synthesis.

J. Chem. Soc. Perk I 1045 2000 G. W. Gribble: Recent developments in indole ring synthesis - methodology and applications. Great review articel covering the whole modern indole chemistry. Someone (I forgot who) already mentioned this article at the old board.

Improvements to the Synthesis of Psilocybin and a Facile Method for Preparing the O-Acetyl Prodrug of Psilocin
D. E. Nichols, S. Frescas
Synthesis No 6, p 935-938 (1999)

Four steps from 4-benzyloxyindole in 79% overall yield. Also includes an improved synthesis of psilocybin from psilocin (hard work, 46% yield).

What about the book 'LSD 25 and Tryptamine Syntheses' by O. Snow ? I didn't like his book on amphetamines much but the reference section was good.


The new Psilocin/Psilocybin/4-acetoxy-DMT synthesis by nichols is now available at my site (Thanks Omnipage 10, the only thing I had to correct was Et2O and CH2Cl2, which was interpreted as EzO and CHzCIz).

What are the best routes to take DMT, DET, MET, DPT and add ACO-, HO-, PO- on the 4 position? I cannot find literature for each of these. I did not want to write all 12 out. Thanks.


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