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I ran across this great review article by chance:

Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry (Academic Press NY) 10, 43 - 112 (1969)

I haven't looked up the references, but it looks like dimethyltryptamines from indole grignards (prepared from indole, alkylhalogenide, and Mg) and dimethylamino-ethyl-chloride (cheap as dirt) are possible in good yields by using anisole instead of ether as the solvent!


>and dimethylamino-ethyl-chloride (cheap as dirt)

Cheap as dirt, but quite toxic and cancerogenic, not exactly a toy for home chemists.

Aren't you thinking of the bis(chloroethyl)amines now?

N,N-Dimethyl-2-Chloroethylamine is a carcinogen, although I don't believe that it's as bad as Greensnake makes it out to be.

The maximum yields for that are 25% and a goo formed (dimethyltryptamine halogenide in anisole).

But the yields for the dialkyl-acetamides look promising. Later more.

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