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I realise many forums look down upon people staring threads for their first post although i've been searching for the last two days  for a reliable, not overly complex synthesis of LSD and am having a nightmare.

I originally found great promise in this synth on Rhodiums site:

Preparation of Lysergic Acid with Sodium Hydroxide Alone

5g of paspalic acid in 100 ml of a 2N aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide are heated at reflux for 2 hours. After cooling, the pH of the reaction medium is brought to 5.5 by adding an aqueous solution of hydrochloric acid and glacial acetic acid (20 ml of water, 10 ml of HCl and 10 ml of acetic acid). The precipitate is filtered, washed with 3x20 ml of 50% aqueous methanol, then dried in vacuo at 75°C. This gives 3.15 g of lysergic acid comprising 6.8% of isolysergic acid and the yield (w/w) is 59.3%.

This seemed all to easy until I researched a lot more and found paspalic acid is impossible to obtain unless I want to venture into fungus cultivation.
I've also been slightly detered by everyones comments that LSD is one of the hardest drugs to synth and no one on this site has succesfully attempted it.

Please, I am very motivated and have learnt quickly over the last few days of my research yet require those with experience to giude me further as i've hit a wall due to my relative newness to this field, can anyone suggest a reasonable synth? I can easily aquire reflux and vacuum stills, magnetic stirrers, most chems, etc and have a few people willing to finance this venture and I will be happy with a rather poor yield.
I hope you don't see this as spoon feeding because I have searched and read for hours.

Here is a nice list of references with the articles that may be of help to
Post 525552 (Lego: "First direct synth of (+)-lysergic acid, Refs", Tryptamine Chemistry)

So regardless of my method I am going to be required to brush up a bit on my aseptic culture techniques? The only synths i've seen have used ergot alkaloids grown in culture to extract LSA, this then involves bonding it with diethylamine also.

I remember scanning over a source that said hawaiian baby woodrose seeds offered a good precurser to LSD so I searched and found Michael Valentine Smith's Psychedelic Chemistry which gave an interesting write up on extracting lysergic acid from HBWR. Yet what caught my eye was Hoffmans LSD via Hydrazide, it's a direct synth from ergotamine to LSD without having to extract lysergic acid yet again I cant find a source of ergotamine and its included on the banned substances list for Australia so I cant order it overseas. It would appear woodrose is the best option although prices for the nervosa variety are $1,400 a kg, enough for a gram of LSD which is unfortunatly just slightly out of my price range.

Any suggestions of a economical precurser? Advice on a cheaper source of woodrose would also be greatly appreciated.

And thanks for that link java it most definetly helped.

For cheap HBWR wholesale retailers, search the internet.
They can be had for 400 bucks/kilo...

(besides, 1400$ for 1 gram of LSD is damn cheap! As it will last you for the rest of your life!  ;) )

Then read Post 527262 (n00dle: "LSD vs peptide coupling", Tryptamine Chemistry) and UTFSE for "argyreia nervosa" and/or "HBWR", maybe together with "alkaloid extraction".

Good luck.




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